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Things In Elden Ring You’ll Never Be Able To Experience Again
While fans might be worried to learn that there are things in “Elden Ring” that can’t be experienced anymore, some benefits come from removing certain experiences. No longer will players face the difficult first iterations of duo boss fights and Starscourge Radahn, as the former will now take turns attacking the player and the latter’s hitboxes and damage have been reduced.
Some of the biggest changes in “Elden Ring” have to do with nerfing overpowered weapons and equipment, such as the Great Turtle Shell shield, which used to negate complete physical damage and boost stamina recovery. Other nerfed weapons and techniques include the nigh-breakable Barricade shield, the infamous Fire’s Deadly Sin glitch, and the Sword of Night and Flame.
Perhaps the most significant experience fresh “Elden Ring” players will be without is the sense of exploration in a new and untamed world. “Elden Ring” is full of secrets, weapons, and lore tidbits for players to find, but the community of players, modders, and dataminers that came before have largely exhausted the game of its secrets and surprises.