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This Amber Heard Meme Landed Pokimane in Hot Water
This story contains discussions of domestic abuse.
Content Warning
The ongoing trial of Depp v Heard has created a new Twitch meta, with streamers sharing information about the case and watching it as it streams live. Even the typically nonconfrontational Pokimane got in on the new trend, watching and reacting to xQc's commentary on the case, as well as tweeting a (now-deleted) meme about it.
Depp’s lawyers alleged that Heard edited photos to make herself appear bruised, claiming that the only difference between two particular photos was the lighting. The meme shows the two photos side-by-side, with a picture of Pam from “The Office” saying, “They’re the same picture.”
Fans didn't take the meme well, and many claimed that the post made them see Pokimane in a different light, with one saying "and to think this woman talks often about the sexism in gaming and how incels are always after her." However, not all fans are upset with Pokimane, who is yet to comment on the deleted meme.