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Ever since Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino began streaming, he’s been embroiled in controversy: He was banned from Twitch, and accused of encouraging a toxic community and of scamming fans in a cryptocurrency scheme. Controversy aside, the notorious streamer has had to face his own series of hardships.
Being Bullied
In May 2021, Denino shared in an interview with Dr. K on the HealthyGamerGG YouTube channel that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was younger. Being on the autism spectrum played a major role in his development, as Denino struggled with social cues, lacked friends, and was bullied at school.
Trouble With Parents
During the same interview with Dr. K, Denino also explained that he didn't have a very solid relationship with his parents and said, “My parents are good people. Like, they're nice and I love them, but, you know, I just don't think they were on the same page as me.” The strain between them only increased when he decided to pursue a career in streaming.
PTSD From Swattings
Ice Poseidon has been “swatted” multiple times, which is when a person viewing a stream uncovers the streamer's current location, then calls the police and falsely reports that they are committing a crime. Denino believed these potentially dangerous situations have given him PTSD.
The New Yorker's Adrian Chen wrote a piece on Ice Poseidon back in 2018, where it was revealed that Denino had been kicked out of six different apartments during the year and a half that he lived in Los Angeles. Chen claims the constant swattings were the main reason for the many evictions.