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Video Games You Should Never Play Around
Your Kids
The Stick Of Truth
You've probably seen at least an episode or two of the Comedy Central animated sitcom “South Park.” Unsurprisingly, “South Park: The Stick of Truth” features the same adult content you’d see on the show, like abortions, alien anal probes, and Nazis.
Grand Theft Auto V
This open-world game gives players a look into the underworld of crime, sex, and drugs via the three protagonist characters you switch between while playing. In one particularly violent scenario, you torture another character by pulling out teeth, waterboarding, and nastier methods we can't mention.
One part puzzle game, one part pornography, “HuniePop” looks a bit like a “Bejeweled” knock-off at first glance — except for the large-breasted women standing next to the game board. “HuniePop” is a tile-matching puzzle game with a built-in dating simulator, even ending with a “bedroom game” round.
“Mortal Kombat” has been around for over 25 years and has never been exactly the most family friendly of games, but a little bit of 16-bit blood never hurt anyone (we cannot verify this). In the '90s, parents tutted over the blood and gore, and it has only gotten more graphic as the graphics have gotten better.
“Saints Row IV” is easily the most inappropriate game of 2013, not “Grand Theft Auto V.” The game delivers the over-the-top satire gamers have come to expect from the franchise, with a heaping dose of violence, sex, drugs, creatively blurred frontal nudity, and even an alien anal probe weapon.