Link standing on a rock in Breath Of The Wild
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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fan Theories We're Curious About
Korok & Hebra
Korok Forest may have burned down in a fire set by Ganondorf’s servants to eliminate Hyrule's allies. Ganondorf's forces may have also led an attack on Hebra Peak.
The ancient, warfaring tribe Zonai may play a bigger role. Their distinct green energy and spiral design are prominent in the trailers and art for “Tears of the Kingdom.”
Ouroboros & Death
The symbol in the game’s logo mirrors real ouroboros, which may mean a theme of rebirth, and the seven tears of Death Goddess may have to be found to revive Zelda.
Master Sword
Repairing Link's sword may tie into collecting the seven tears depicted near the mysterious figure, who may be the Goddess of Death, in the mural from the trailer.