The Last Of Us Part 1: Where To Find The Firefly Pendants In The Quarantine Zone

2022's "The Last of Us Part 1" may have ditched the the controversies of the original and acquired a graphical boost that had fans divided, but it retains the trove of collectible artifacts for you to tick off your list as you make your way through the game.


Among these collectibles are Firefly pendants, each belonging to a member of the Fireflies faction. There are 30 pendants in total, and collecting all of them will grant you the silver "Look for the Light" trophy. When you're near a Firefly pendant it will glow white, and a Firefly logo will appear above it. Once you get close enough, a prompt will appear for you to pick up the item.

The first three pendants can be found in the "Quarantine Zone" area of the "Beyond the Wall" section, belonging to David Michael Vigil, Ben Glueck, and Phillip Liu. While they might be tricky to find, this guide has you covered.

So, where are the first three Firefly pendants located?

David Michael Vigil's pendant is the first one you can find, and can be picked up from a desk in the first fully explorable house. The room is at the back of the building, and contains several bunk beds. You can find the desk against the left wall.


Ben Glueck's pendant is the trickiest of the three, or rather, requires the most action from the player. It can be found hanging from a tree in a quadrangle that you enter after helping Tess find a plank to cross a gap with. You will have to shoot it off the branch before picking it up!

The final pendant to be found in the "Quarantine Zone" is Philip Liu's, which you can find just after meeting Ellie for the first time. On the far side of the courtyard, slumped against a parking meter, is the body of a Firefly. Philip Liu's pendant is next to it, lying in the grass.

If you have been pondering how long it would take for you to beat "The Last of Us Part 1" while also collecting everything, hopefully this guide has helped cut down that process. If you are looking to find the artifacts across the full game, YouTuber PS5Trophies has an in-depth video for all collectibles.