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NBA 2K23: How To Challenge Calls

In "NBA 2K23," referees can actually make the wrong call. This may upset some gamers, but don't worry, there's a solution. Just like in the real NBA, "NBA 2K23" allows players to challenge calls. Also just like in the real NBA, each team in "NBA 2K23" gets only one coach's challenge call per NBA game, as stated in the official NBA rulebook.

There are several key moments when using the Coach's Challenge may benefit you during gameplay. For instance, if you feel that you just got a buzzer beater shot off in time, but the referee ruled the opposite, you can use one of your challenges and potentially reverse the call. If a defensive player on your team gets called for a foul on a clean play, that call can be reversed as well. Perhaps the best time to use the challenge is when a one of your defensive players gets called for a charge. If you know the defensive player was in the restricted area, there's a good chance you can have the call overturned. In all of these cases, you only need to press one button.

How do you use the coach's challenge?

Using the Coach's Challenge in "NBA 2K23" is actually rather simple. Each console has a button that, if pressed, will bring up two prompts: "CHALLENGE CALL" and "TIMEOUT ONLY." This button is the touchpad on PlayStation consoles, the view button on Xbox consoles, and the minus button on the Nintendo Switch. 

You can't just hit this button whenever you like, however. Challenges can only be used when there is a stoppage in play. Once the referee blows his or her whistle and play is stopped, only then will the challenge/timeout button actually do anything. You'll need some patience if you're looking to use that challenge. That being said, if you do happen to overturn a call, all of that waiting will have been worth it. Then again, if one such call is successfully used against you, you might not feel too stoked on the Coach's Challenge feature.

Now that you know how to properly use the Coach's Challenge, it's time to suit up in the new "NBA 2K23" Dr Disrespect cosmetics and get on the court.