How To Turn Off Splatoon 3's Motion Controls

"Splatoon 3" is part of what some have already called the best year ever for Nintendo fans in recent times. After five years, Nintendo's paint-based shooter series is finally seeing its newest addition, and early reactions from critics and fans have all said that it's pretty awesome. While Nintendo had to crack down on cheaters before the game was released, it's still an exciting time for "Splatoon" fans.


Like prior "Splatoon" titles, "Splatoon 3" offers several different ways to play the game. In addition to the multiple gameplay modes, "Splatoon 3" also allows players to customize how they aim their weapon of choice. Motion control, or gyro control, is generally considered the best way to play, as noted by The Washington Post's review of the new game. However, playing like this takes a little while to learn, and you may not have the time (or patience) to do that. Luckily, "Splatoon 3" gives you the option to use regular dual analog stick controls to do all your aiming — you just have to turn off motion controls.

Turning off Splatoon 3's motion controls is pretty easy

It turns out that turning off motion controls in "Splatoon 3" is even easier than using them. First, you'll want to go to the menu by clicking X. From there, use the right bumper button to scroll over to Options. Next, you'll simply go to Motion Controls and select Off. You'll need to turn off the setting under both TV/Tabletop Mode and Handheld Mode.


Keep in mind that you can toggle motion controls off and one any time you like. Some players find it helpful to use motion control in the testing range as a way to practice their aim with joysticks. Plus, considering many fans agree that motion controls are the best way to play, turning them off an on allows you to get used to playing the game with them, rather than jumping in the deep end (unless that's how you roll).