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Splatoon 3's Salmon Run: The King Salmonid Encounter Explained

"Splatoon 3," Nintendo's latest colorful third-person shooter in which the Inklings fight each other by painting all over the map, is now available. The third game in the series, "Splatoon 3" offers both new game modes (like Table Turf Battle) and plenty of returning favorites. For instance, "Splatoon 3" sees the return of Salmon Run, a PvE-style horde mode, bringing new twists on the classic mode.


"Splatoon 3" has received praise from critics, who have roundly celebrated its gameplay and varied modes, and it's easy to see why. Salmon Run in "Splatoon 3" offers a couple of fresh twists on the objective-based mode. In Salmon Run, players are tasked with collecting eggs from defeated enemies and taking them to a specific capture point. Whenever boss enemies appear, they can drop golden eggs for players to collect. Here's how the King Salmonid encounter works during the Salmon Run in "Splatoon 3."

Players can use golden eggs to earn extra scales in Salmon Run

During a normal "Splatoon 3" Salmon Run match, players will encounter three waves of Salmonids. During these three waves, boss enemies occasionally appear, dropping special golden eggs. You can only carry one at a time and need to deliver them to a tank. There is a quota that needs to be met each wave to continue forward.


At the end of the run there is a chance that the King Salmonid can also spawn. This extra wave is a timed round, during which players can shoot golden eggs at the King Salmonid to deal damage to its health. The more health that is taken down, the more fish scales are awarded, resulting in even better rewards at the end of the match. The more golden eggs that you collect during normal waves, the more opportunities you will have to deal damage to the King Salmonid.