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Ludwig Got Banned From YouTube In Record Time

Variety streamer Ludwig Ahgren has a history with being banned from major platforms, especially during the rocky early days of his YouTube career. Before he was exclusively partnered with YouTube Gaming, Ludwig streamed on Twitch and uploaded content to YouTube as well. In 2021, Ludwig's first major ban on the platform came in the form of a community strike for "child safety" concerns after he posted a clip of a baboon throwing excrement at children. He couldn't upload for a week, breaking an incredibly long daily upload streak, but soon YouTube came in and reinstated the channel to rectify the situation. 


Ludwig's second ban came early in 2022 for playing "Baby Shark" on stream, an event he said was "kind of crazy," considering he had just days before started streaming with YouTube exclusively. But on September 11, 2022, Ludwig streamed on YouTube with a different goal than his normal streaming regimen. This time, he wanted to get banned on purpose — and set a new record time for doing so.

Ludwig claims to have set a record time for getting banned from YouTube

According to Dexerto, Ludwig's stream began with a discussion with chat about what videos and content would be best to trigger a copyright strike. Then Ludwig began his world record attempt (seen in a clip shared by @cashusx on Twitter) by playing the opening to the fourth season of "Naruto" behind footage of football highlights. The stream was taken down about a minute after pulling up the first result for a very misspelled "soccer hiughglihts" YouTube search, making for a supposed record of just over 90 seconds before it was taken offline.


Ludwig is easily the most high profile person who has attempted to purposefully get banned from YouTube, which perhaps helped his chances of being "caught" by the algorithm. Though he has yet to comment on the ban, or why he wanted to go for this world record, it wouldn't be his first time openly critiquing the platform. In the past, Ludwig has not been shy about making his opinions known about YouTube's strike policies. It's unclear if he'll attempt a similar experiment in the future, but the so-called "speed run" to a ban was definitely an entertaining moment for his viewers.