Erik Petrovich

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Colorado State University
Video Gaming, Pop Culture, Film And TV
  • Erik Petrovich has covered hundreds of stories covering gaming culture and the industry in recent years, and in the past worked as a general assignment writer and editor for several outlets.
  • His knowledge of proper journalistic standards from a history of public news coverage governs a sense of professionalism in his writing – though the coverage may be about the wacky worlds of video games, he takes these standards and expectations of journalism seriously.
  • Erik's love of gaming stems from a curiosity about just about everything, and if he's not knee-deep in pages of "Elden Ring" lore speculation, he's looking up a strange-looking bird or plant he saw hiking.


Erik Petrovich has been covering video games, the industry, and culture surrounding the hobby for just under two years. After serving as Editor in Chief of his college paper for a semester, Erik moved into online media and the Arts and Culture spheres, eventually finding his way to video gaming coverage at GameRant and SVG. At GameRant, Erik specialized in "Elden Ring" and "Elder Scrolls" content, while at SVG he focuses on covering daily news. Erik's passion for learning, his affinity for writing, and his heightened skill at (some) video games have made the work come naturally, and he can finally say he has a pretty solid grasp on what's going on in the "Dark Souls" trilogy.


After moving between two countries and graduating with honors from Lakenheath High School at R.A.F. Lakenheath in the U.K., Erik moved to Colorado to pursue a Journalism major and PoliSci minor at CSU. There, he worked at the student paper for the better part of two years, was a member of the college SPJ chapter, and ended up serving as the Editor-in-Chief before his graduation in 2019.
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