How To Unlock Splatoon 3's Alterna Logs

While the "Splatoon" games are generally known for their multiplayer content, such as "Salmon Run: Next Wave," they've got surprisingly good single-player content. While it doesn't take long to beat the story content in "Splatoon 3," there are some collectibles, like Alterna Logs, that can stretch the length of the campaign and add exciting details about the world's lore.


"Splatoon 3" actually has a decent amount of lore in it, and you can discover various pieces of it through Alterna Logs throughout the game. There are also some implications of other things, such as the hilarious reason that the Macarena dance turned heads. By unlocking Alterna Logs, you can get the full lore of the game, and it's fairly easy to do. All you have to do is go to the Sites in the main storyline, and you'll start collecting them.

Keep reading to find out how to unlock each Alterna Log.

The six Alterna Logs

According to Nintendo Life, Alterna Logs are corrupt once you discover them. They have to be unlocked, which you can do by completing missions in the Kettles around each Site. Kettles are a staple of the "Splatoon" series, and they look like little grates on the ground – perfect for an Inkling to get through. NME reviewer Andy Brown explained that the Kettles have different puzzles in them that range from platformer-esque areas to survival rounds.


There are six different Sites in the campaign, which equals six different Alterna Logs that you'll receive after you go to each Site (via Inverse). While you're going through the Sites, you'll also find Sunken Scrolls that will help expand on the lore from the Alterna Logs. According to the game's official site, you can also discover more about the world of "Splatoon" by finding five different colored squiddos that will also earn you My Nintendo Platinum Points.