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The Real Reason Splatoon 3's Macarena Is Turning Heads

Gamers continue to wait for the much-anticipated "Splatoon 3," the third entry in Nintendo's third-person shooter series, to launch on September 9. In past "Splatoon" installments, players faced off in a 4v4 Turf War where both teams must plaster as much of the map as they can with their assigned color before the timer runs out — all while the enemy team blasts them with various weapons and abilities.

"Splatoon" fans received the biggest information dump about the next game during the "Splatoon 3" Direct on August 10. Nintendo showed several notable features during the event, including a Salmon Run sequelbonuses for returning players, and a new battle card game called Table Turf Battle. The addition of hilarious new emotes coming to "Splatoon 3" as customization options served as one of the most buzzworthy highlights. 

The standout emotes shown off during the "Splatoon 3" direct were a dab animation and the Macarena dance (the very same dance that swept the world in the '90s). "Splatoon" has always had its fair share of customization options, but many pointed out that adding modern dances and emotes to "Splatoon 3" comes with some hilarious implications for the title's lore.

The dances that outlasted humanity

"Splatoon" may look like it takes place on a faraway planet where cutesy characters spend their free time painting structures, but that's not the case. Instead, the story of "Splatoon" unfolds on post-apocalyptic Earth — one where humans are extinct and new species roam the world. The player takes control of a breed of Cephalopod that can take on the appearance of the now-extinct humans.

Some Twitter users commented on how funny it is that the Macarena is still around. "It is now canon to Splatoon that the Macarena exists and has survived tens of thousands of years past the extinction of humanity," said one individualAnother pointed out the absurdity of both the dab and the Macarena enduring through the ages. A third explained that "Splatoon" inhabitants formed their culture by examining human relics, meaning they discovered the Macarena somewhere among the rubble and decided it was worth imitating.

Nintendo has yet to share details on how to unlock the Macarena emote in "Splatoon 3." On the other hand, players can spend points in a catalog given by Hotlantis General's Harmony to pick up the dab emote. Gamers will have to wait until September to bust a move in "Splatoon 3."