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NBA 2K23: The Best Way To Earn VC Fast

The "NBA 2K" series is one of the most popular sports video game franchises in the world. As such, it draws hardcore players each year who wish to enjoy its most popular game modes, be it the Ultimate Team-style MyTeam, MyCareer, and The City, in which user-created players roam a massive map in search of competition. However, in order to fully enjoy these modes in the franchise's newest entry, "NBA 2K23," you're gonna need some VC, which is notoriously difficult to come by.

For anyone new to the "NBA 2K" series, VC (Virtual Currency) is the centerpiece digital currency used for practically every in-game transaction there is. Want your character to be better in The City? VC is needed to boost those attributes. Want some cool new swag and maybe some kind of eccentric headgear? You're gonna need some VC in exchange. In essence, VC is what the entire "NBA 2K" community revolves around and typically takes a good amount of time to accrue anything of value. If you're short on time, here is the best and quickest way to gain VC in "NBA 2K23."

A mix of grind and risk can yield big VC rewards

As noted by Dave Aubrey of USA Today, the easiest way to earn VC is by simply playing the game. This includes playing games on higher difficulties, as well as using your MyPro character to complete online tasks such as daily login rewards, online quests (both weekly and daily), online Pro-Am games in MyPark. These options will require time, but eventually, you'll have saved up enough to start progressing your player and becoming more competitive.

Assuming to want to avoid the grind that comes with "NBA 2K23," there is another method that is much faster, but very risky as well. And that's by playing Ante-Up games in MyPark. As shown by popular "2K" YouTuber Solo, Ante-Up games are traditional two-on-two or three-on-three park games but with wagers attached. These range from low-stakes games for 100 VC, all the way to high-stakes 10k games. If you have faith in you and your companions' ability to take it to other players — who are likely at a higher level than you — then these games represent the fastest way to earn VC. But be wary — losing these games means losing the wager you payed to enter them. If you're trying to get your VC, odds are that you don't have much to spare.