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Pokemon Would Be More Helpful In Real Life Than You Realized

Pokémon have long been imagined to work with humans. It's something that's depicted in the manga, animated TV series, and even in the games. Fighting-types are often seen carrying construction materials, Water-types help hydrate vegetation, and Flying-types deliver mail like messenger pigeons. WhIle many fans are accustomed to the concept of Pokémon living and working alongside humans, one Redditor took the idea a step further by imagining how Pokémon would fully integrate into our world.


This Pokémon thread on Reddit, which now has over 3,000 upvotes, poses a simple interaction. The original poster said, "Give me a Pokémon and I'll tell you how they would be useful in the real world be it for service, business, domestication, agriculture, decoration, anything!" It wasn't long before commenters went all-out with suggestions, requesting descriptions for how all sorts of Pokémon, from Salamence to Spinda, would be useful in real life. 

The number of comments continued to grow with the in-depth answers. Here are a few of the notable highlights. 

We all live in a Pokemon world

The made-up Pokémon lore on Reddit ranges from tragic to amusing, but that's only seemed to incentive fans to keep the thread rolling. For example, according to the OP, "Spoink are used worldwide by EMS as defibrillators. They do this job well due to their constant motion and emission of low psychic frequencies. When Spoink die in America they are given burials of the highest honor, swaddled in their Spoink coffins with the American flag, bagpipes playing in the distance."


In some cases, commenters even added to the original poster's lore. One commenter wrote, "In some South American countries however, some farmers keep their Blaziken and make them fight against each other for bets. In recent years this practice has been illegalized," adding to the initial entry made by the OP.

Despite the growing popularity of the post, the thread's creator announced that they would still try to respond to comments to the best of their ability. Most recently, the OP gave some information about the Pokémon Sinistea and its role in the UK's tea tradition. While some have been led to believe it would suck to live in the Pokémon world, this Reddit thread imagines a more optimistic scenario.