Jessica Reyes

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New York City, NY
University Of Pittsburgh
Anime, JRPGs, Fighting Games
  • Jessica Reyes currently writes video game news and features for SVG and Looper.
  • Her bylines include Overlode UK, Switch Player Magazine, Into The Spine, The Indie Game Website, and others coming up. She currently also contributes to RPG Site and IGN.
  • Before she worked in gaming, she freelanced in a variety of other beats. Just to name a few: technology, fitness, and travel.


Jessica Reyes has worked in the gaming industry for nearly two years. In that time, she published at multiple outlets including Overlode UK, Switch Player Magazine, Into The Spine, and The Indie Game Website. She also contributes to RPG Site and IGN. In the past, she worked for a content agency that supported PlayStation's Competition Center. She has covered two conventions so far: E3 and Anime NYC. Her work encompasses a variety of content including news, features, listicles, and reviews. Before gaming, she freelanced for a variety of small clients and worked in customer service. She left college in 2018.


Jessica Reyes completed a B.A. in English Writing. Her experience includes creative writing, journalism, and copywriting.

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