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Temtem: How To Get The Temessence Vial

After a lengthy Early Access period on Steam, "Temtem" is finally here. While many think the MMO is just another "Pokemon" clone, there are actually some major differences between the starters between the games. It's a great game to play if you're sick of "World of Warcraft" and enjoy "Pokémon" games. "Temtem" has some great mechanics and features that enhance player experience, including the Temessence Vial.

The Temessence Vial, or the Temessence Phial as it's known in newer updates, allows you to heal all of your Temtem at one time. It's reusable, and it'll recharge itself every time you go to a Temporium and heal your Temtem. Considering the grind that the MMO requires, the Temessence Vial is a great way to save time and energy running back and forth to a Temporium.

If you're trying to figure out how to get the Temessence Vial, don't worry! It's actually incredibly easy, and you may even have it without realizing it.

The Temessence Phial and Luis

The first story quest you get, First Steps, has an objective that tells you to get a Temessence Phial. You'll only be tasked to do this after you enter Brical de Mar, the first town that you'll encounter after heading out on your adventure. Once you enter the town, you'll have a conversation with Professor Konstantinos and Sophia. Once that's over, Sophia will show you around town and point out Luisouvenirs, a shop run by Luis.

Luis will recognize you from when you were a child. Once you ask about the Temessence Vial, he'll give you one free of charge. He also sells surfboards, but you won't be able to until later in the game.

If you try to use the item, go to the Key Items part of your bag. Some unfortunate players have thought that they lost the important vial, but it's just located in a spot you may not suspect.