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Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition: What's Included?

The Nintendo Direct held on September 13 announced a lot of major titles coming to the Switch. "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" trailer may have been the headline for a lot of fans, but the next mainline game in the "Fire Emblem" franchise after "Three Houses" was also announced and it also generated quite a lot of excitement. 


"Fire Emblem Engage" will be the newest addition to the classic JRPG franchise and is set to take players to a continent known as Elyos, a realm that has been endangered by an enemy known as the Fell Dragon. In this game, heroes known as Emblems are called from other worlds in order to help the peoples of the four kingdoms of Elyos defend their land against the Fell Dragon and restore peace to the region. It was revealed during the presentation that the game would be arriving on January 20, 2023.

Big studio games like this are often released in multiple editions and it pays to know what comes in each of them. "Fire Emblem Engage" will have a Standard Edition that is currently available for pre-order on the Nintendo e-store for $59.99 and a Divine Edition which is not yet available and has no listed price. Even though the price isn't specified, an image on the game's page does reveal several physical items that it will include.


What does the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition Include?

Judging by the image posted on the official Nintendo website, it appears that the Divine Edition of "Fire Emblem Engage" will come in a large, colorful box filled with several physical goodies in addition to the game. All of the items center on the franchise's distinct art style:

  • A SteelBook, which can serve as a secondary, more decorative case in addition to the standard plastic one. This features the same cover artwork, only it is printed on metal and doesn't have any of the writing or branding on it.

  • Art Cards with images of the characters, their names, and Emblems. There appear to be 12 of them in the image released by Nintendo.

  • An Art Book filled with artwork and character models from the game. This seems to be a hardcover.

  • A Poster featuring 13 of the "Engage" characters illustrated in vibrant colors and dynamic shading. The dimensions of the poster are not listed.

All items included with the "Fire Emblem Engage" Divine Edition seem to be physical. In addition to the price, Nintendo has yet to disclose whether the Divine Edition will also offer in-game benefits, such as cosmetics or extra quests.