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Dr Disrespect Explains His Huge Falling Out With Call Of Duty

Dr Disrespect regularly plays "Call of Duty: Warzone" with pals like TimtheTatman, but he recently had a huge falling out with the game and the developers behind the game. That said, Dr Disrespect has been on the outs with "Warzone" for a while now, and his relationship with Activision has suffered. Now, the Doc thinks he knows why Activision has gradually stopped working with him over the years.


While playing "Apex Legends" with CouRage and niko1f, the Two Time decided to let some information slip. First, he said that he'd decided to play "Warzone" earlier. Things went well at first, but then, he said "I go to the Gulag ... I turned the game off, as soon as I got to the Gulag ... I was already bored of the game."

"I was not even interested in fighting in the Gulag," the Doc explained. Then, he told his chat that he had another bit of information to share, this time about his partnership with Activision, the makers of "Warzone."

"I've got another story, too, Champs," Doc teased, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Doc criticized Activision too much

He revealed that he found out the reason why he wasn't invited to the "Call of Duty" Next event, which is set to advertise the upcoming roadmap for the franchise. "They're just a bunch of phonies over here," the Doc told his audience. He claimed that he had a meeting scheduled with Activision to discuss his relationship with it, but after catching wind of the reason it didn't invite him to the Next event, he canceled everything, losing his partnership with the developer in the process. He said that Activision claimed that he said too many negative things about "Call of Duty."


In a stream just one day before, Dr Disrespect also discussed his feelings about Activision. He attempted to explain his complicated feelings about the "Call of Duty" franchise, saying, "There's certain games that are always going to be dear to my heart ... If I'm not talking s*** about your game in the most passionate ways possible, it's because I probably don't really care about your game, you know?" The Doc argued that his spirited criticisms of "Call of Duty" come from a place of love and that he felt shocked that he wasn't invited to the "Call of Duty" Next event.

The Doc told viewers that 2K Games understand his methods, appreciating his criticisms of "NBA2K" and even putting a special Dr Disrespect-themed cosmetics pack in "NBA2K23." 2K, he said, got that his harsh words were ultimately coming from a good place. Perhaps the Doc's discussion of one "Warzone" character clone was just too much.