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Everything Added In Deathloop's Free Goldenloop Update

"Deathloop” released in September 2021 to solid reviews from critics, receiving praise for its mix of "Hitman"-style assassinations and sci-fi elements. Players take control of Colt Vahn, a man trapped on a mysterious island stuck in an infinite time loop. Every night, time resets with only Vahn and his chief antagonist having any memory of the previous day. To break the cycle and escape the loop, Vahn must track and kill every leader of the island in a single day, learning their patterns and improving his strategy over numerous cycles. Like a dark, violent "Groundhog Day," he will only escape the loop when he is able to live the perfect day and get everything right.


The unique story and clever time-looping mechanics were a hit and, while the game is relatively brief, hidden secrets, multiple endings, and a novel form of multiplayer add replayability and keep fans coming back for more.

Now, a year after the game launched, Bethesda is announcing the release of "Goldenloop," a free update that promises to shake things up on Blackreef and give fans a reason to dive back into the time loop.

New content and a new console

Topping the list of new additions to the game are changes that are sure to make just about everyone happy. First, after releasing exclusively on the PS5 and PC, "Deathloop" is finally coming to the Xbox Series X/S. It's not just Xbox users that are getting attention, either. PS Plus Extra and Premium members will be getting free access to the game along with all the new content. Finally, gamers on every platform will be happy to know that this update is bringing crossplay to the game, allowing fans to hunt their friends down regardless of what console (or PC) they're each using.


"Goldenloop" is also introducing new content to the game itself with a new ability, weapon, and enemy type. Fugue is a new ability, complete with upgrades to be discovered, that "slows and confuses your target, briefly rendering them harmless." With all but a digital wink, Bethesda suggests heading to Karl's Bay during the afternoon if you're interested in unlocking this ability.

For players looking to deal damage rather than just slow their foes down, the update also brings the HALPS Prototype. A new laser-weapon, the big draw here is that the laser can be fired at turrets and cameras and will bounce off them. Set up angled shots to hit enemies in cover or just show off your skills.

New enemy and Julianna upgrades

With new ways to take down enemies, it makes sense that this update would be balanced with some new threats. Here, "Goldenloop" delivers with a new enemy and some new upgrades for Julianna.

The paint-bomber represents a colorful new threat to players. These enemies are strapped with paint-filled explosives and will charge at the player and detonate, killing themselves and the player. Apparently these sorts of tactics are less scary when you know you're going to come back to life the next day.


For players who like to take control of Julianna and hunt others in multiplayer, her Masquerade ability is now getting its own upgrades. These changes will allow Julianna to do things like heal while using her ability or turn damage taken into energy and should make the game more interesting for Julianna-players and more challenging for Colt Vahn.

The update is also introducing a new twist on trinkets in the game. While not introducing any additional powers, players will get access to trinkets that combine two already existing items, giving them more bang for the buck (or inventory slot).

Finally, "Goldenloop" is really spoiling players with an extended ending to the game and other secrets that Bethesda is keeping close to the chest.


With new content, new secrets, and even an updated ending, this update should tempt back even veterans who previously thought they'd seen everything the game had to offer. The update will be available on Sept. 20.