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Metal: Hellsinger: How To Beat Voke's Red Judge Aspect

"Metal: Hellsinger," the heavy metal rhythm game that is also a first-person-shooter inspired by "Doom," is now available for everyone to play. That means you can hop into levels and do your best to beat the demons on beat, while also aiming for a high score. While the main campaign only takes between 4 to 6 hours to complete, there is plenty of fast-paced high energy action to please gamers. For anyone on the fence about "Metal: Hellsinger," critics were impressed with the game, with the main criticism being that the game feels a bit short. Here's how to beat Voke's Red Judge Aspect in "Metal: Hellsinger." 


All of the action includes the boss levels, where you will fight the Red Judge, the main villain of the game. While the big battle doesn't come till later, you will fight different aspects of the Red Judge throughout the game.The first battle is against the Red Judge aspect in Voke, which serves as a tutorial-like mission. 

How to beat Voke's Red Judge Aspect in Metal: Hellsinger

According to TheGamer, there are a couple of important pieces of information to know about the boss here. This Red Judge Aspect can teleport from one side of the arena to the other, it can throw fireballs, and it will explode if you get too close to it. The boss also has a second bar beneath its health, which is a super move gauge. Once filled it will release a ton of fireballs, but will be temporarily stunned once the move is complete. When the stun is over, the boss will summon some extra help. There are also green health crystals around the map that will heal you. They don't respawn, but they will fully heal you, so choose the best moment to use them.


As for beating the Red Judge Aspect, your best bet here is the shotgun, which is unlocked at the start of this level. Your sword isn't recommended because it leaves you too vulnerable to attacks. A single dash to either side should be enough to avoid incoming projectiles. All that is left is to shoot the boss on beat with the song in order to maximize the amount of damage you are dealing.