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MultiVersus: The Best Signature Perks For Batman

"MultiVersus," the platform fighter from WB Games, has made quite a name for itself with iconic characters and a passionate community that the studio addresses regularly. Whether responding to backlash about changes to characters like Velma or fixing the most annoying parts of the games, WB Games is making it clear that fan voices are vital. The game itself is a testament to that, featuring iconic characters from across franchises and incorporating systems that let gamers their play style.

One example of this is the Perk system, one of the ways "MultiVersus" keeps gameplay dynamic. Different characters have different Perk pools to choose from, so each battle can be wildly different from the last. Players can train these Perks by leveling up characters, and it's worth it to unlock powerful new bonuses. On top of this, each character has a few different Signature Perks to choose from, offering specific ability-changing options.

To play any character efficiently, it'll help if players know which Signature Perk to equip. Batman, one of the DC superheroes that are playable in "MultiVersus," has two Signature Perks to choose from: Bouncerang and Precision Grapple. If players are struggling to decide which one to use, here's a breakdown of how each works and which is best.

Bouncerang makes Batarangs even better

In "MultiVersus," characters unlock two Signature Perks through leveling — once at level eight and again at level ten. While some might think the option unlocked later is the better Signature Perk, that's not always the case, and Batman is a perfect example.

As Push Square explained, Batman will unlock the first Signature Perk, Bouncerang, at Mastery level eight. This option ensures enemies receive max stacks of Weakened if Batman hits them with a Batarang. Weakened is a Modifier that makes characters take more damage and get knocked back further. 

Batman's other Signature Perk, Precision Grapple, is unlocked at level ten. Precision Grapple adds a blast of damage whenever Batman lands from his grappling hook, but it also makes it so that he deals less damage and knockback while the grappling hook reels him in towards a foe.

Between the two abilities, Bouncerang offers more offensive utility without giving up anything in return, whereas Precision Grapple actually comes with a debuff for Batman. Also worth noting, according to HyperX Gaming, Batman players should already be using Batarangs whenever possible, making Bouncerang the Signature Perk that offers players more mileage.