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MultiVersus Is Finally Fixing The Most Annoying Part Of The Game

The "MultiVersus" open beta is officially underway, and gamers are loving it. Although "MultiVersus" may look like a cheap "Super Smash Bros." knockoff at first glance, its unique perk system and addictive gameplay have set it apart from the Nintendo fighter.

Additionally, because the game features characters plucked from a laundry list of properties under Warner Bros' control, it already boasts an impressive, diverse character roster — and it's predicted to get even bigger. For example, the newest addition to the roster, Lebron James, has wowed fans. On top of this, anyone missing Nintendo's iconic characters can install a mod to get at a few of them in "MultiVersus."

However, there are some complaints about the game coming from the community. As with any beta, the gameplay and presentation of "MultiVersus" is being regularly tuned based on feedback. Just recently, developers nerfed one of the strongest characters in the game, and the developers have noted that more balance changes are on their way. Recently, "MultiVersus" developers have confirmed that one of the most annoying parts about the beta is being fixed, and players are happy.

The announcer is getting nerfed

One of gamers' biggest complaints about "MultiVersus" is that the announcer's voice isn't balanced correctly. Some have even gone as far as to say that it's "so obnoxiously loud it sounds like it's blowing out the microphone." Although players can adjust who the announcer is via announcer packs, there is no way currently to change the announcer volume individually. Of course, players can turn the master volume down as a temporary fix, but it will suppress every other sound effect in the game too.

Thankfully, it looks like the booming announcer voice won't be a problem for long. Recently, "MultiVersus" game director Tony Huynh replied to a complaint about the announcer's volume and informed the community that a fix was on its way. Huynh stated they would implement a volume slider for the announcer in the next patch, and noted that each announcer could be adjusted individually. This is a welcome addition, as every other sound has a separate slider in the volume control, so it makes sense the announcer should get one as well.

This openness and ability to take in constructive criticism from the developers of "MultiVersus" is good news for players invested in the game. If the developers continue working hard on improvements to "MultiVersus," it might avoid the fate of "Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl."