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Soul Hackers 2: The Easiest Way To Beat Kaburagi

"Soul Hackers 2" has finally revived the "Devil Summoner" series. Itself one of the many spinoffs of the larger "Shin Megami Tensei" franchise, this series hasn't seen a release since the late '90s. Now that it's back, fans are diving in to experience the sci-fi RPG action. Anyone familiar with JRPGs like the "Final Fantasy" games will be familiar with some of the very basics of "Soul Hackers 2" gameplay: Players control a party of characters in turn-based combat, relying on various attacks and magic powers (that summon demons and deal elemental damage) to defeat enemies, gain experience, and find new loot. Success depends to a large extent on properly exploiting the strengths of different characters and learning to recognize and counter the patterns of particular enemies.

Over the course of the game, there are many encounters that will push players' skills to their limits and require careful planning and execution to come out on top. One of the early boss battles that will truly challenge even veterans of the series is Kaburagi, a rival Devil Summoner. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that will make beating him a bit less difficult (but probably still not too easy)!

Careful preparation and execution are key

Players will encounter Kaburagi at the end of the Central Line early in the game — and luckily, there are a few key strategies that can help you take him down. As TheGamer points out, part of the challenge here is that he fights with two of his own summoned demons at his side, so it will be necessary to counter all three opponents. Nintendo Smash details the weaknesses of all three, with Kaburagi himself being vulnerable to ice, Femme Leanan Sidhe weak against fire, and Gemma Kurama Tengu to lightning. In other words, it will be vital to build a specific team that can bring all those elements to bear.

In addition to having these elements at their disposal, RGJ recommends having some means to counter Leanan Sidhe's Lullaby power which will put the party to sleep. If players can afford it, it's a good idea to buy the Lavender Cape to counter this power. Otherwise, you'll want to summon a demon with a power that blocks it.

Once preparations are complete and the battle is joined, Fanbyte has a couple tips for how to come out on top. You'll want to focus on the summoned demon Leanan Sidhe first. Her ability to protect and heal Kaburagi will make it difficult to damage him until she's out of the way (at least temporarily, since he can resummon her after a while). Second, watch out for Kaburagi's charge attack, which will be telegraphed by a message and triggered on the next enemy move. This is the time to play defense.

This won't be an easy fight, with proper planning, timing, and team coordination, a diligent player can emerge victorious.