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The Simple Feature GTA 6 May Finally Be Adding In

"Grand Theft Auto 5" is quickly approaching its 10-year anniversary since hitting the gaming market in 2013. And while the game has been massively successful — both in terms of critical reception and the money it has generated — many fans of the Rockstar Games-developed "Grand Theft Auto" series have clamored for news regarding "Grand Theft Auto 6." Luckily for these fans (and unluckily for Rockstar), a bombshell leak emerged over the weekend that offers several inside looks at this new entry.

On September 18, a user by the name of teapotuberhacker posted a giant compilation of development footage from "Grand Theft Auto 6" to the GTA Forums. The videos are being rapidly taken down due to copyright strikes, but the 3GB file contains about 90 videos containing footage regarding certain gameplay sections, and has even confirmed that Vice City will indeed be the new location featured in the game. But one of the more overlooked pieces of footage showcases a simple, but innovative gameplay feature that many fans have clamored for.

GTA 6 will allow players to switch hands when holding a gun

One of the biggest changes seen in the leaks for "Grand Theft Auto 6" is also one of the most subtle. In a short clip showing a character model in a rather undeveloped environment, the protaginist can be seen transferring a handgun from their right hand to their left. While it's a small touch, this kind of feature can play a big part to players who prefer to aim down the left as opposed to the right.

In previous "Grand Theft Auto" titles, a similar feature involving clicking in the right analog stick could be used to switch the orientation of the player's aim. However, this could only be done while actively shoulder aiming and couldn't be maneuvered while in a crouched or otherwise inactive position. This new feature in "Grand Theft Auto 6" will no doubt make the game's frequent gunplay more intuitive and strategic for players.

Of course, this is likely not going to be any kind of marquee feature when the game is officially unveiled. Compared to most of the other leaks that have surfaced, it's one of the more mundane, but this kind of feature could go a long way in adding to the game's immersion — once gamers finally get their hands on it.