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Apex Legends: The Best And Worst Gun In Season 14

Season 14 of "Apex Legends" is finally here. The season had a lot in store between a new character, Vantage, and the reappearance of Kings Canyon — with a few changes. Outside of interesting new gameplay, there was even an unseen intro that one player possibly discovered. Like with most other updates, the guns were tuned to try and balance the game as much as possible – at least until players figure out how to take advantage of the best weapons again.

In both Battle Royale and Arenas, players in "Apex Legends" are tasked with choosing a weapon to buy or pick up. At a base level, some guns are just better than others, and others can make their way into top-tier as long as they have the right attachments. Of course, in order for there to be best guns in the game, there have to be worst guns, too. While it might feel great to play with certain weapons, some guns may be holding you back.

Here are the best and worst guns in Season 14 of "Apex Legends."

The best guns in Apex Legends

Season 14 of "Apex Legends" saw some hefty changes to the shotgun EVA-8, and many people are claiming that it's one of the best guns in the game. The gun saw a ton of buffs according to the game's patch notes: better recoil, fire rate increased from 2.0 to 2.3, damage increased from six to seven, added the ability to use stocks and double tap, and the bolt rate of fire increased. YouTuber Macro explained that the gun's buffs is busted with the damage and the amount of ammo it can hold.

The R-301 also maintained its spot at the top of many tier lists, including Macro's. Fellow YouTuber TimProVision said that it was "unsurprisingly" one of the top two guns in the game as well. TimProVision and others in the community also argued that the Volt is a solid pick as well, despite the fact that it received a damage nerf. However, with the overall buffs to the SMG category as a whole, it's making a place for itself.

While these guns should arguably be used anytime they're found, the next guns should probably be avoided at all costs.

The worst guns in Apex Legends

When it comes to the worst guns in Season 14 of "Apex Legends," there are a few that are universally considered pretty bad. The first is the P2020, which YouTuber MangosInTrees called the "joke in 'Apex.'" DualShockers also put the gun at the bottom of its tier list, but its argument was that the gun is supposed to be horrible, as developers wanted it to be a weapon that's tossed out as soon as the player finds something else.

Another "Apex Legends" YouTuber, Attached, argued that the LSTAR sits right at the bottom of the gun pile alongside the P2020. MangosInTrees also thought the LSTAR was a horrible weapon choice. Many people have called the gun the worst weapon in the game, which may be due to the fact that "Apex Legends" developers nerfed the LSTAR to pieces back in Season 13. While Season 14 saw a few buffs to the energy weapon, it wasn't enough for people to consider the gun decent to use.