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Apex Legends Fan Discovers Possible Unseen Intro

With Season 14 of "Apex Legends" now underway, not only are there changes to Kings Canyon, but the new character Vantage has also officially made her debut. The Season 14 update is proving to be a hit with fans too, considering "Apex Legends" regularly caters to over 400,000 players daily on Steam alone. That said, "Apex Legends" is doing great despite #NoApexAugust was trending with "Apex Legends" players only a month before Season 14 began. But despite the player boycott over quality issues within the title, it seems the tides of new content have flowed to "Apex Legends," and it would appear players are sated enough by the latest additions to the game.

Now, on top of the bevy of new content available in the latest season, a data miner has discovered what would appear to be a brand new and unreleased trailer for the game. While this certainly wouldn't be the first time "Apex Legends" suffered a leak, and it's certainly not as dramatic as the game's biggest leak, it's something notable enough to get players and community members to notice.

Uncovered video has the Apex Legends community curious

If a brand new player were to jump into "Apex Legends," they'd be greeted by the character Bloodhound within the game's Firing Range. Following a quick rundown of the game's basics, Bloodhound instructs newbies to shoot some targets, and then they're sent on their merry way to begin fighting towards victory. However, if this new trailer is genuine, new players could be introduced to the game through a much more direct and informative video. 

Narrated by what sounds like the "Apex Legends" character Mirage, the trailer appears professionally done. Not only does it look to have been shot and edited in a consistent style as other promotional gameplay videos from the development team at Respawn Entertainment, but it also runs through all of the critical information players need to know if they're just starting "Apex Legends." 

While the authenticity of this leak is still in question, it originates from a data miner with a proven track record for accurately leaked "Apex Legends" material, as noted by Gamespot. And even if it was proven to be legitimate, it remains to be seen whether this trailer is for widespread release or if it's meant for new players. Until Respawn Entertainment adds its definitive two cents, all players can do is wait to see if the video ever reappears in a more official capacity.