The Chant Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

A spiritual retreat goes horribly wrong in this third person horror game from developer Brass Token and publisher Prime Matter. Play as Jessica Briars, a biomedical scientist, as she travels to the remote Glory Island to join the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat. She's attempting to get over a tragedy in her past, which is currently a mystery, and move on with her life. Invited by her old friend Kim Mallari, everything was going fine until a group chant opens a dimension called the Gloom.


Psychedelic horrors emerge, feeding off negative energy and infecting their participants. Jess must find a way to survive while uncovering the mysteries of the island and reverse the chant, all while dealing with her fear of flies. Trek through 100-year-old forest trails and discover abandoned buildings among other ancient landmarks. Fend off trippy monsters and deranged cult members to survive the island. Jess is going to need all the help she can get.

When Will The Chant Be Released?

Brass Token and Prime Matter have stated that "The Chant" is expecting to release on November 3rd of this year. This is a rapidly approaching deadline for a game that has such stunning visuals. Usually, a game like this wouldn't come out until at least the year after it was announced. Games that release too early tend to have many performance issues and bugs, like "Assassin's Creed Unity" and "Fallout: New Vegas."


Clearly the developers are very confident in their game's performance. Whether they're overestimating themselves or not remains to be seen. Additionally, "The Chant" is set to release on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. There's no mention of cross play, if there will be any. Regardless, with the talent of Siobhan Williams, Kira Clavell, Adam Millard and more, this game is sure to have players on the edge of their seats. Just don't let kids see it.

Is There A Trailer for The Chant?

"The Chant" is a horror game, as the New Age Cult trailer shows, but it's also a crafting and survival game. Gamers can collect and manage resources and craft items that will help fight monsters. There will be a lot of fight-or-flight options, so choose when and who to fight wisely. According to the trailer, Jess will have a selection wheel of actions she can refer to when fighting. There's not much to indicate what all the symbols mean, but it's clear that choice plays an important part in "The Chant." The symbols include an hourglass, hands rising from the ground, and a body disappearing into thin air. 


These powers might involve time, summoning, and invisibility, though that has yet to be confirmed. The more Jess travels, the more powers she'll acquire to fight with and defend herself from trippy monsters and humans. She'll need all the help she can get to make it out alive and sane. More about the story of "The Chant" can be gleaned from the story trailer, and if players are curious as to the game's cast, they can check out the Meet The Cast video.  

What Will The Chant's Gameplay Be Like?

"The Chant" asks players to engage in a variety of gameplay, from stealth sequences to action packed encounters. While hiding, players can decide to either find a way to fight or sneak away. If they choose to fight, they will need to use occult weapons and abilities found over the course of the game. But be careful, the Gloom feeds on negative energy, turning people mad as it manifests their anxieties and fears. 


Jess has a fear of flies and a tragic past, so it's certain she'll encounter monsters based on those. Though things seem bleak, there are ways for Jess to defend herself. Players navigate According to the game's Steam page, Jess through learning a series of skills, which equip her to push back against the Gloom save herself. While Jess can work to calm her mind or fight back physically, she can also access a host of spiritual powers to keep her safe. The more she learns, the more will be added to her selection wheel to use against enemies.