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This New Publisher Has More Than A Dozen Games Right Out Of The Gate

Summer Game Fest 2021 was full of long-awaited announcements, and one of the most exciting reveals of the night concerned the new publisher known as Prime Matter. The publisher burst through the doors with a wild trailer featuring 16 brand new titles, and viewers were impressed.


Prime Matter started off its presentation with a reel for all the games it's publishing, including "Gungrave G.O.R.E – Reunion," the newest installment in the cult classic "Gungrave" series. The original "Gungrave" was so successful when it was released in 2002 that it ended up getting an anime adaptation, and fans are thrilled to see the franchise getting a revival.

The sizzle reel also revealed that Prime Matter is publishing the next "Payday" game and the next "Painkiller" game. As Kotaku reported last year, "Payday 2" has continued to be a massive sales success, years after its initial release. People have been waiting for the sequel since 2013, and now Prime Matter gets the honor of publishing it.


These three titles alone would be enough to establish Prime Matter as a publisher to keep an eye on, but the group isn't just stopping there. There are at least 13 other upcoming titles being published through the group.

Prime Matter has a bright future

Nine other titles quickly flashed on the Summer Game Fest screen: "Crossfire: Legion," "King's Bounty 2," "The Last Oricru," "Iron Harvest," "Encased," "Outward," "Dolmen," "Scars Above," "Kingdom Come Deliverance," and "Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord," as well as a few other games with temporary working titles. 


Many of the games announced seem to have sci-fi aspects to them, including "The Last Oricur," which appears to blend science fiction with medieval RPG elements. The publisher also seems to have a lot of tactical-style RPG games on the way, including a sequel to 1990's "King's Bounty."

As noted by Windows Central, "Echoes of the End," "Final Form," and "The Chant” all appear to be going under working titles, which are subject to change. "Echoes of the Wind" is a fantasy game in the action-adventure genre that will apparently include puzzles as well. "Final Form" will add to the sci-fi games from the publisher, and "The Chant" will be the single psychological thriller Prime Matter announced.

Prime Matter's first major release, "King's Bounty 2," will debut on August 24, 2021. After that, it's hard to imagine the team slowing down for a while.