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Twitch Just Announced Big Changes To Its Gambling Policy

Twitch has been in the public eye a lot in 2022, making several noteworthy policy changes, engaging with more criticism, and dealing with the departure of several high-profile streamers. Of all of these issues, though, gambling streams have been brought to the forefront after a number of Twitch partners threatened to strike over them. Gambling on Twitch has come under more scrutiny this year as chance-based games requiring real-money investment gained a foothold on the platform. All that is about to change on October 18, 2022, as Twitch has announced a change to its gambling policy via Twitter.

Some of Twitch's most famous talents called for change recently, spurring Twitch to make the policy update. Hasan Piker said in a Tweet, "Twitch isn't doing anything about it because gambling is too big... and generates revenue." Gaming and variety streamer Pokimane simply posted, "like if Twitch should ban gambling," which received over 315,000 likes. She would later celebrate the response with a follow-up Tweet after Twitch announced its intentions.

Meanwhile, xQc called on Twitch to make serious changes after fellow streamer ItsSliker admitted to scamming viewers to pay for his continued gambling streams. Indeed, many streamers who called for heightened gambling regulations on Twitch and are celebrating this win, but it should be noted that this isn't a ban on the practice altogether.

New Twitch gambling restrictions ban specific sites and jurisdictions

There are a few notable exceptions to this new Twitch policy on gambling, but the biggest change (and the one likely to ruffle the feathers of most gambling streamers) is the banning of sites that don't operate under U.S. jurisdiction. In the announcement, Twitch specifically listed Stake.com, Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com, and Roobet.com as sites that will no longer be allowed on the platform. This is a pretty big deal as these Twitch bans cut off some of the site's biggest sources for gambling streams. The announcement also specifically states that the only gambling allowed on the platform has to be licensed in the U.S. or "other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection." What these other jurisdictions are has not yet been clarified.

While referrals and codes for sites that use slots, roulettes, and dice games are already banned on Twitch, according to the announcement, the platform has "seen some people circumvent those rules and expose our community to potential harm," so the system is also not foolproof. 

There are still ways to stream gambling content on Twitch, though, as the site will "continue to allow" sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker gambling streams. These are all considered skill-based games to some, but some Twitch users are mad that it won't be a blanket ban. Meanwhile, others have expressed an annoyance at the idea that the platform is treating this more seriously than other controversies of Twitch's past.