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Dream Announces Long-Awaited Face Reveal

Dream is among the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, with over 30 million subscribers. However, there is one major thing that separates Dream from his peers. While other gaming YouTubers often utilize face cams, Dream has opted out. And as a result, nobody has seen Dream's face.


When asked by his fans why he doesn't show his face, in a now-deleted Q&A session, Dream stated that he doesn't feel comfortable on camera. But that doesn't mean he hasn't been seen in public. In the past, Dream has showcased his merch personally and even appeared in MrBeast's 2020 YouTube rewind. However, in both instances, he is seen wearing a mask. 

Dream's identity may not remain a secret for long, though. In an Anthony Padilla interview in 2019, Dream expressed that there are downsides to remaining anonymous and that it restricts how he can express himself. Dream explained that he was open to a face reveal, as it would allow him to produce different kinds of content, such as TikTok videos. Now Dream has finally announced a plan to show his face, and it's happening sooner than some may have expected.


Dream's face reveal is his next upload

Recently, Dream shared his plans about a face reveal on his YouTube page. Dream wrote, "My next upload will be me face revealing. The mask is coming off." He also explained that "George is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team!" George, of course, is the UK-based YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, a frequent collaborator with Dream. Dream mentioned in his Anthony Padilla interview that he wanted his face reveal to be done with his friends, and with George finally making it out to Florida, he will finally have his close friends within arm's length.


George's move to the US has been a long time coming, as he has tried to go live with fellow Dream Team members Dream and Snapnap in Florida for some time now but was unable to due to COVID-19. But according to his Twitter, George has finally secured his Visa, allowing him to move into the new Dream Team house. And according to Dream, they will all live together in the Dream Team house for at least five years.

But that's not all. Dream also wrote that accompanying the reveal could be a real-life "Minecraft" manhunt episode. Although he said he was nervous about what's to come, he is also excited. In addition, Dream also ensured fans that his regular "Minecraft" content would continue.