Nicholas Wilson

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United States
East Carolina University
Racing Games, Fighting Games, MOBAs
  • Nicholas has been hooked on the MOBA genre ever since he downloaded the original "Defense of the Ancients" mod for "Warcraft III" way back in 2005. He has since come to enjoy any game that allows him and his team to prove their skill (or lack thereof) against other players. And when Nicholas inevitably gets too frustrated with his teammates after a long night of losses, he logs onto either "Tekken" or "Street Fighter." That way, when he loses, he has no one to blame but himself.
  • Nicholas' passion for gaming has him flying around the world to attend various gaming events and tournaments. EVO Japan, specifically, is an annual event he always attends. Although he has never had any interest in competing professionally, watching the best players in the world compete in one of his favorite games never fails to bring a sparkle to his eye.
  • In his free time, Nicholas likes to create guides and replay analysis videos on whatever multiplayer games he is passionate about that month.


Nicholas has written professionally since he graduated from college in 2018 and decided to turn his passion for gaming into a career. Since then, Nicholas has written all sorts of gaming content, from guides and reviews to hardware recommendations. After joining Static Media in 2022, Nicholas has found that the work continues to stay fresh and interesting, as the variety of content he can produce has no bounds. And he finds that writing about a game he previously had no interest in playing more often than not leads to him giving it a second a chance and ending up loving it.


Nicholas graduated with a B.A. in History with a minor in Russian Studies from East Carolina University. He believes the analytical skills he acquired through his research endeavors as a historian allow him to get to the bottom of any story, no matter the difficulty.

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