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One Beloved Mass Effect Character Was Never Meant To Be A Romance Option

When it comes to beloved video game franchises, there's none more iconic than the military science fiction space opera "Mass Effect." Developed by BioWare and released by publisher Electronic Arts, "Mass Effect" has been delighting fans since 2007. Recently, fans even went wild over a possible TV adaption of the franchise, though it's unclear when that adaptation will release. Not only did the game series feature excellent writing and engaging plotlines, it was also praised for its multiple romance options. 


Whether playing as the male or female Commander Shepard, there are human and alien love interests of all genders to choose from. The first game only has three options: Ashley Williams, the Gunnery Chief; Kaidan Alenko, the Staff Lieutenant; and Liara T'Soni, an Asari researcher of Prothean technology. More options become available in later games, though, like Tali'Zorah and James Vega. But one of the most popular and beloved romance options was never supposed to be one at all (via The Gamer).

Saved By The Fandom

The overwhelmingly amorous response to Garrus in the first "Mass Effect" came as quite a shock to many of the people working on it. According to Dorian Kieken, the development director of games two and three, Garrus wasn't intended to be a love interest, but it was "because of fan feedback that we decided to do make him romanceable in Mass Effect 2" (via TheGamer). He was going to come back as a companion regardless, but fans wanting to romance him "blindsided me" writer Drew Karpyshyn stated during a Reddit Q&A.


It's impossible to imagine "Mass Effect" without a Garrus romance, as he's become the quintessential ride or die option for many gamers. BioWare, after shaking off the shock, even went so far as to make Garrus body pillow cases for fans to enjoy. The first wave of the pillowcases sold out very quickly, but the second wave is available now for $35.