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Why Upcoming Marvel Games Won't Share A Universe

Marvel has invaded almost every form of media at this point, and video games are no exception. However, unlike Marvel films and television shows that all exist in one cinematic universe, each Marvel video game has historically created its own unique universe (per Entertainment Weekly). So, for example, Iron Man doesn't swoop in to "Marvel's Spider-Man," nor did Spider-Man show up in the recent "Guardians of the Galaxy" game

But some still theorized that a Marvel Gaming Universe would come to fruition due to the sheer number of triple-A single-player Marvel games on the horizon, such as the upcoming "Iron Man," "Wolverine," and "Spider-Man" games (via GameRant). So, for some, it made sense that the games would follow in the film series' footsteps by featuring weaving storylines and characters. Recently, however, a higher-up at Marvel Games confirmed that the upcoming Marvel Games wouldn't share the same universe and explained exactly why that is.

Sharing a universe could squander creativity

In an interview with Gamesindustry.biz, VP and creative director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann explained why Marvel Games titles won't share a universe. Firstly, Rosemann stated that he feels that gamers won't be averse to the idea of multiple universes existing. Secondly, Rosemann explained that creative freedom among developers is a big focus for Marvel Games, and sharing a universe could restrict that. For example, Rosemann explained, "We don't want to say 'you can't blow up the moon, because this game over here by another studio needs the moon.'"

But that doesn't mean the games won't have oversight from Marvel. The VP stated that although "Iron Man" developers, Motive, are creating an Iron Man story from the ground-up, it will still feature "Marvel building blocks." Rosemann described these building blocks as staple institutions and groups fans expect to see in the respective games, using Hydra and The Daily Bugle as examples. Once the building blocks are in place, the developers can then tell their unique story, Rosemann explained.

The VP then spoke a bit about what Marvel Games expects from its upcoming titles. "We both want to make great action games that are innovative. And we also love bringing to life iconic worlds," Rosemann said. In addition, the VP noted that "there is a lot of space for great single-player games" and that making the Iron Man game a single-player experience was a no-brainer. Something fans of single-player games will undoubtedly be excited to hear.