Halo Infinite Fans Are Split Over This Classic Map's Return

Upon release, 343 Studios' "Halo Infinite" was seen by many long-time "Halo" fans as a return to form for the series. However, despite its satisfying gameplay, in the following months, "Halo Infinite" failed to retain players. Its player count eventually declined so much that it dropped below the three-year-old "Halo Master Chief Collection" on Steam earlier this year, as reported by (Eurogamer). As for why players were leaving "Halo Infinite" in droves, many pointed to the fact that the game only featured a handful of game modes and maps and that 343 seemed in no hurry to add more. And unlike previous "Halo" games, "Halo Infinite" didn't feature the map-building Forge mode at launch, so gamers couldn't even help produce content for the game even if they wanted to.


So, with news that a new map was coming to "Halo Infinite," and that it was none other than the fan-favorite "Halo 3" map, The Pit, many gamers were excited. However, not everyone loved the new "Halo Infinite" rendition of The Pit when it was announced, nor do they think the map is enough to bring players back into "Halo Infinite."

The Pit got a makeover

343 announced the return of The Pit via a Halo Esports video that began by showcasing some of the most iconic "Halo 3" esports moments that took place on the map before transitioning into footage of the "Halo Infinite" remake of the map. But long-time Halo fans will notice that The Pit in "Halo Infinite," besides the layout, looks nothing like the "Halo 3" version. The Pit in "Halo Infinite" ditches the military training setting in favor of a space station aesthetic with bright colors and shiny slick surfaces. Although some liked the new look of The Pit and were happy to hear that The Pit was chosen for a remaster, not everyone felt satisfied.


Many gamers expressed their hatred for the map's new look, writing that they miss the military aesthetic of the "Halo 3" map. Some even said the new map was just a straight-up downgrade from the original. Additionally, many gamers were disappointed that only one map was announced and felt that the map's release in addition to the release of Forge mode still wouldn't be enough to bring players back

Still, anyone who wants to dive into The Pit can do so when it launches alongside Forge mode on Nov. 8.