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Fortnite Anime Legends Pack: What's Included?

Those having a hard time deciding which specific "Fortnite" skin or emote to buy, fear not — the game's team has announced that a new value bundle of cosmetics is going on sale. Titled the Anime Legends Pack, the bundle features a slew of skins, harvesting tools, and back blings, all rendered in the cel-shaded style of other recent anime-inspired skins like Goku and Vegeta from the "Fortnite x Dragon Ball" crossover event. Priced at $19.99, the pack is set to release in retail stores on October 14 and for digital purchase on October 22 (via Epic Games).

A brief trailer for the pack on the official "Fortnite" YouTube channel shows off some of its colorful contents in action. While it's a pretty exciting first glance, fans may be curious to see the full breakdown of what exactly the bundle has in store. Before you take the plunge, let's have a look at everything the Anime Legends Pack includes.

The pack features 10 cosmetics

The "Fortnite" Anime Legends Pack brings creative new cosmetics and remixes of familiar faces. Here's everything buyers can expect in the bundle:

  • The Golden Gear Midas Outfit, an anime-styled variation of the Midas skin, sporting a golden jacket and an equipable helmet.

  • The Golden Crash Back Bling, allowing players to hang Golden Gear Midas' skull-themed helmet from their character's back.

  • The 24 Karat Katana Pickaxe, a harvesting tool clad in gold with a dark hilt.

  • The Ricochet Rox Outfit, an anime-styled variation of the Rox skin. She sports a longer hairstyle and trades in her exosuit for a dark hoodie with a pink skirt and legwarmers.

  • The Whirlberry Back Bling, a berry-shaped animatronic that features an adorable emoticon face.

  • The Blazeberry Blade Pickaxe, a harvesting tool with an aqua-and-black hilt that radiates a thin blade of energy.

  • The Ready Penny Outfit, an anime-styled variation of the Penny skin. She retains the original's outfit style with added punk accents like lightning bolt makeup and spiked gloves.

  • The Little Black Bag Back Bling, a black knapsack adorned with colorful pins and two holstered pistols.

  • The Glimmering Edge Pickaxe, a black pickaxe spotted with graffiti and an oversized golden blade on the tip.

  • The Lil' Kart Emote, a traversal emote that depicts the user sitting on top of a tiny go-kart as it revs its tires.

Overall, the pack is a solid option for fans who missed the original versions of some cool "Fortnite" skins, or those who enjoy the cel-shaded style of some newer "Fortnite" cosmetics.