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Diablo Immortal: Everything Added In The Forgotten Nightmares Update

"Diablo Immortal" enraged hardcore "Diablo" fans upon release due to its controversial pay-to-win aspects and mobile-centric gameplay. Still, the controversy hasn't slowed the game down. Blizzard has been continuously pumping out new content for players via mini-updates that more or less bring the same type of content to gamers every two weeks. For example, update patch 1.5.5 brought a Season Four Battle Pass, a new Helliquary Boss, and a limited-time event. However, a massive new update is on its way to "Diablo Immortal," bringing a ton of new content for players to enjoy on top of the standard fortnightly changes players expect.


This upcoming update, Forgotten Nightmares, is being called the first of many Major Updates to "Diablo Immortal" by Blizzard. And one look at the official Blizzard patch notes, and players can see why. Here's everything coming to "Diablo Immortal" with the Forgotten Nightmares update, including limited time events and new items, on Sept. 28.

A new Dungeon

One of the most significant additions to "Diablo Immortal," coming with the Forgotten Nightmares update, is a new dungeon. The Silent Monastery dungeon, located on Mount Zavain, will be accessible to players level 60 or above and can be completed in a party of two to four. Not only does the Silent Monastery bring with it a new area to explore and conquer but also a new gameplay mechanic.


Because the interior of the Silent Monastery is shrouded in darkness, players will need to light the scattered statues found inside to reveal the path. In addition, the illumination from the statues also weakens the enemies found roaming the dark dungeon, so lighting all illumination statues is required to stand a chance against the beasts below. Finally, once players successfully traverse the treacherous dungeon, players will come face-to-face with the Ancient Nightmare boss residing at the center that drops great rewards when killed.

Warband is being reworked

The Forgotten Nightmares update also replaces Warband Camps with something called Castle Cyrangar. Alongside bringing significant changes to how Warband works, Castle Cyrangar will also bring two replayable game modes. In the first mode, players must clear the randomly generated catacombs of Castle Cyrangar of undead enemies. And once completed, more rooms will open up that players can explore or upgrade to provide additional bonuses.


In the second mode, only accessible once per week, players must defend Castle Cyrangar from eight waves of demons to get rewards. Additionally, there is an endless mode with no cap, in which players can compete for a spot on the leaderboards.

While participating in either of the two modes, players can randomly get an Ancestral Weapon drop. These weapons can be used to offer bonuses to all assigned Warband members. Additionally, players have a chance of finding Invocation Gear to power up an Ancestral Weapon further.

New Battle Pass and raid boss

Alongside the aforementioned major content, the Forgotten Nightmares update will also include the regular content players expect from a fortnightly update. This includes the Season 5 Battle Pass, Scions of the Storm, which has 40 ranks that rewards players with Crests, Hilts, Legendary Gems, and more when completed. And like previous Battle Passes, the Scions of the Storm Battle Pass is also available in a premium version that offers even more rewards. 


Additionally, a new Helliquary raid boss is also coming to "Diablo Immortal." Czech the Misshapen is a fearsome foe that will be located in front of the Einfrinn Tree in Westmarch after October 2. The boss will be available for anyone to anyone at or above combat level 6175 to challenge. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with the beast's remains, the Wrathborne Crown, which provides an additional 30 combat rating and movement speed buff inside Challenge Rifts.

Limited-time events and feature updates

Two limited-time events are also coming to "Diablo Immortal" in the coming days. The first event, Scouring the Darkness, begins on Sept. 28 and will run until Oct. 19. Players must complete the tasks provided to be rewarded with the Congratulations Emote, among other goodies. The second event, Hungering Moon, is returning to "Diablo Immortal" and will run from Oct. 6 through Oct. 10, during which players can trade Moonsilver for lunar-themed rewards.


Additionally, the Forgotten Nightmares update will be accompanied by some feature changes. For example, three new Legendary Gems with unique bonuses are being added to "Diablo Immortal." The Gems are as follows: the Blessed Pebble (One Star Gem), The Abiding Curse (Two Star Gem), and the Frozen Heart (Five Star Gem). In addition, a new item set, the Gloomguide's Prize, is also being added.

There were also various adjustments to trading and currency pricing. For example, the update will bring new ways to spend Platinum, with players gaining the option to trade 200 Platinum for a Rare Crest or 16000 Platinum for a Legendary Crest. Additionally, Eternal Orbs bundles will offer players greater value, with the $4.99 Orb Bundle awarding players with 320 Orbs instead of the previous 315 Orbs, while the $9.99 bundle will offer players 650 Orbs instead of 630. And finally, a new cosmetic set will be available in the store.