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Slime Rancher 2: Where To Find Batty Slimes

"Slime Rancher 2" is a cozy game in the same vein as "Animal Crossing," (although it doesn't have a multiplayer mode.) It allows players to take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau as she roams the vibrant, pastel-colored Far, Far Range, wrangling alien slimes with her vacpack and building up a ranch to raise, feed and breed them. It's the kind of game where players can quickly lose hours exploring the environment and building up their ranch, but the game's main feature is the slimes themselves.

Players will spend a decent portion of their time searching for the many rare and exotic slimes the range offers. The game has dozens of different kinds of slimes, from the basic Pink Slimes to the more exotic Largo Slimes to the downright aggressive Feral Slimes. Some of these can be found all over, while others are more elusive. There's even a new slime type for "Slime Rancher 2" that many players have been struggling to find: the Batty Slime. These adorable purple critters are shaped like regular slimes but have the face, ears, and wings of a bat. Here's where players can find them.

Batty Slimes like the dark

As some players might have guessed from the Batty Slime's namesake, these particular slimes have some of the same habits as regular bats — including an affinity for the dark. In fact, this nocturnal proclivity affects their eating habits as well. Batty Slimes prefer to be kept in the dark and will eat more than other slimes at night or when they are kept in dark environments. So players should ensure they stock up on plenty of fruit before they go hunting for them.

Since they don't like daylight, those looking to find Batty Slimes should naturally check in dark places. They are typically found in the caves of Ember Valley. Here, players can discover them roaming around dark caverns, mingling with Crystal Slimes and Boom Slimes. To reach Ember Valley, players need to head to the northeastern corner of the peninsula on the west side of Rainbow Island and defeat a Pink Gordo Slime. This will reveal a hot spring jet that the Pink Gordo Slime was sitting on which can then be used to reach the nearby cliffs. Following the path at the top of these cliffs will lead to a mechanism that will open a portal to Ember Valley and the adorable Batty Slimes who inhabit it.