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Return To Monkey Island: How To Get The Cartography Nerd Achievement

"Return to Monkey Island" has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch and PC, offering both old and new fans a taste of classic point-and-click adventure games. While the game is only available on a couple of platforms, it's already developing a reputation for its complex puzzles and seemingly tricky achievements for some Steam players.

As with the puzzles in the game itself, some achievements are easier to figure out than others — and some require a little trial and error to find a solution. For example, the Cartography Nerd achievement seems more complicated than it really is. Asking players to examine the entirety of Wally's wares, players may not know what is or isn't considered part of the achievement. Further, players can miss their opportunity altogether.

"Return to Monkey Island" can take as long as 11 hours to complete, and if players don't know what to look for early on, there's a good chance they'll have to start over again to nab this achievement. Here's how to complete the Cartography Nerd achievement in "Return to Monkey Island."

How to unlock the Cartography Nerd achievement in Return to Monkey Island

According to MrDEADX on Steam, the Cartography Nerd achievement is earned early on in "Return to Monkey Island." During Part One, players will need to go to Wally's Maps-n-More on Low Street. First, players will need to talk to the Quartermaster on LeChuck's ship and fail to board. Once complete,  players can head back to town and a cutscene will play where one character mentions that Wally left the Chamber of Commerce Midnight Luncheon early.

From there, Wally's shop will be open for players to go inside. Wally will be in there, but the achievement's goal requires players to interact with all 18 maps inside the shop. Once all maps have been successfully interacted with, the Cartography Nerd achievement will complete. There are 18 maps in Wally's shop, so if players find they are having trouble getting the achievement to register as completed, there's a chance one may have been missed.