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Return To Monkey Island: How To Get The Bragging Achievement

Like previous "Monkey Island" games, "Return to Monkey Island" is full of secrets and easter eggs for players to find. For example, gamers managed to spot a hilarious "Elder Scrolls" easter egg before the game was even released. Additionally, like many current-gen games, "Return to Monkey Island" is full of achievements that are obtainable on all major platforms. "Return to Monkey Island" has 39 achievements in total, but not all are easy to grab.


For example, the achievement "Bragging" requires the player to "[Tell] Everyone On Mêlée Island That You Are Looking For The Secret." And if a player advances a Chapter without telling all the NPCs what they are up to, they won't be able to get the achievement. There are 15 NPCs in total that Guybrush Threepwood needs to inform about his plans to discover the secret of Monkey Island. And luckily, players can find all of these characters in Part 1 of the game. However, finding one of the NPCs this early in the game will require players to fiddle with their settings a bit, or else they will only find them in Part 4. Here's how to do it.

Tell everyone about your plans

During the main story, the first character players must inform that they are looking for the secret of Monkey Island is the Lookout located in the first scene of Part 1. Then players need to head to The Scumm Bar and tell the New Pirate Leaders, The Cook, and the Group of Pirates near the bar's entrance.


After leaving the bar, players must head into town to inform the Voodoo Lady in the International House of Mojo and Wally at Wally's Maps-N-More Shop across the street. Then head over to the High Street and inform Otis and Stan in the Jail. In order to rescue Otis and Stan, players must head over to Locksmith Shop and talk to Locke Smith. Telling Locke about Guybrush's mission while there will get players one step closer to the "Bragging" achievement.

After heading into town for the first time, players must return to the Scumm Bar to inform the newly-arrived Cobb about their upcoming adventure. Then players must leave the docks and head to the Governor's Mansion, where they can inform Carla and the Curator at the Museum nearby.


If players have the Writer's Cut option enabled in their settings, they can find the final group of NPCs, The Old Pirate Leaders, outside the aforementioned International House of Mojo. If players do not have the setting activated, no worries — they can still inform the Old Pirate Leaders in the Fish Shop in Part 4.