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Fae Farm - What We Know So Far

Farming simulators have been a frequent talking point for the gaming community in 2022. In fact, the genre was so prevalent in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct that people took to Twitter and joked that the entire event was for farming games. However, it's likely been a full year of excitement for fans of the genre. With announcements for unique entries like "Harvestella," Square Enix's version of a fantasy farm sim, and "Lightyear Frontier," the farming sim on another planet, there have been more options than ever for fans of the genre.


"Fae Farm" is another entry on the way, and the title is adding its own spin to farming sims. Featuring new ways for players to enjoy the genre, this could be one of the next games to play after you've perfected your farm in "Stardew Valley."

There's quite a bit of mystery surrounding "Fae Farm." While the developer and publisher Phoenix Labs has released bits and pieces of information, along with a trailer for the game, people still find themselves with questions about the game.

Is there a Release Date for Fae Farm?

Unfortunately, one thing no one knows about "Fae Farm" is when it's actually going to release. According to the Nintendo eshop page for the game, the release window is Spring 2023. There are plenty of fans eagerly awaiting the release of "Fae Farm" despite the fact that it doesn't have a launch date. In fact, Twitter user shannonmanor used the game as inspiration for a gorgeous warm-up drawing about videogames.


Phoenix Labs has previously released one other game, "Dauntless," which is a free-to-play MMORPG. The company has also stated that it has a few other games in the works that span across a ton of different genres and worlds, but "Fae Farm" is the next planned release. 

As long as the title doesn't face any unexpected hiccups, "Fae Farm" will be in players' hands in no time. "Fae Farm" was initially announced in September 2022 and so far it's slated to release exclusively on Nintendo's Switch

Is there a trailer for Fae Farm?

"Fae Farm" was announced alongside a trailer that was nearly two minutes long. It introduced players to the world of Azoria and showcased the multiplayer features the farming sim bolstered. Throughout the trailer, viewers see a few of the many things to do, design, and even explore. The trailer even hints at a "magic" that exists in the land of Azoria, showing players platforming through mystical environments with friends. These dungeon-esque delves promise to deliver a deeper understanding of the land and even reveal some of the secrets Azoria holds.


The Nintendo eShop page expands on the "magic" mentioned in the trailer, stating that players will be able to fuse magic into the environment around them — even while battling against foes or simply farming. While fans still don't know what the story will be like from the trailer, it did show off quite a bit of gameplay and gave details about the different things players can do.

What's will gameplay be like in Fae Farm?

"Fae Farm" is more than just your average farming sim slash RPG. The multiplayer aspect allows up to four players to enjoy the game together, both locally and online. Players will also be able to decorate the interior and exterior of their farm, making the abode more useful and aligning it to individual tastes.


The nearby town will be full of villagers that players can meet and befriend through quests according to the Nintendo eshop page. From the trailer, it looks like there will also be festivals and seasonal celebrations too.

There's also a lot of exploring that the trailer highlighted, including platforming elements in dungeons. The trailer also showed off boating, fishing, mining, and chopping trees to start. There's also combat in the game, which sees players using magic against unique foes like chess pieces and musical instruments.

With a release coming next spring, players will undoubtedly see and hear more about "Fae Farm" as the title gets closer to launch.