The God Of War Ragnarok Cast Is Gorgeous In Real Life

"God of War" is one of Sony's oldest and most successful franchises. Developed by the acclaimed Santa Monica Studio, the franchise has its beginnings in the 2005 PlayStation 2 release but has since expanded to include many games, numerous books and novels, and a possible Amazon Prime television series adaptation. In 2018, the series was given a soft reboot with the release of "God of War" for the PlayStation 4, introducing a more mellow Kratos and his son Atreus as they became involved in events from Norse mythology rather than the Greek pantheon of the game's predecessors.


"God of War Ragnarok" is set to continue that story and follow the pair as they deal with both Thor and Freya following the death of Baldur. Releasing later this year in November, it will see a host of additional characters enter the fold, including the likes of Odin, as they confront Kratos and bring an end to the Norse era.

As well as some series familiars, "God of War Ragnarok" will give players the chance to hear a lot of new voice actors who will portray many of the previously unseen characters. While fans might know a little about the individuals they will play, they might not be aware of just how gorgeous the cast actually is.

Christopher Judge - Kratos

Kratos is the main character of the "God of War" series, but could hardly be said to be a hero. His deep, brooding voice is supplied by Christopher Judge, who took over the role for the 2018 game "God of War," replacing previous voice actor TC Carson. According to Carson, Judge was chosen for the new titles as he could provide appropriate motion capture for the character unlike himself (via Vlad TV). The character, also known as the Ghost of Sparta, has shown an aptitude for murdering various gods throughout his life but is now attempting to raise his son in relative peace.


Judge confirmed last year on Twitter that he was the reason "God of War Ragnarok" was delayed as he suffered from health problems that left him unable to walk. Understanding how important his role is to the community, the actor has shown he is willing to have fun with fans and put on a show at awards ceremonies. Outside of "God of War," Judge has played Black Panther in Crystal Dynamic's "Marvel's Avengers" and provided a number of voices for "World of Warcraft." However, he is probably best known for playing Teal'c in "Stargate SG-1," where he also wrote a number of episodes.

Ryan Hurst - Thor

Although Thor is largely missing from 2018's "God of War," the Norse deity is mentioned throughout the story by a variety of other characters. He is held in disdain by almost everyone for his penchant for violence and cruelty. Thor appears right at the conclusion of the story in the true ending, coming to fight with Kratos and Atreus in a dream. In "God of War Ragnarok," he will be voiced by Ryan Hurst and be the main antagonist alongside Freya, according to noted industry insider Nibel. That makes sense considering how Kratos killed his brother Baldur and his two sons.


"God of War Ragnarok" will mark Hurst's first appearance in a video game. However, he is a veteran of the screen, with credits in dozens of movies and television series. Speaking in an interview with Beardbrand in 2015, he noted how he was seemingly destined to be an actor, as his dad appeared in "Dukes of Hazard" and his mother is an acting coach. His two most famous roles are in "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Walking Dead," although he had parts in "Outsiders" and "Bosch." When not acting, Hurst also practices and even teaches Kundalini yoga (via LA Magazine).

Danielle Bisutti - Freya

Freya is a Vanir god and an important character in the 2018 game "God of War," where she helps Kratos and Atreus on their quest. Once the wife of Odin, she is also the mother of Baldur and seeks to atone for her sins in life by assisting the traveling pair and takes an instant liking to Atreus in particular. Freya is portrayed by Danielle Bisutti in "God of War" and its sequel, and will play a more antagonistic role in the second game as she fights to avenge the death of her son Baldur (via Gamesradar+).


Bisutti made her debut in the television series "Strip Mall" and went on to star in "Tropix," "Get Smart," and "Curse of Chucky." In 2008, she became a main cast member for the Nickelodeon show "True Jackson, VP" and went on to have a regular role in the fantasy show "Dwight in Shining Armor." Bisutti is not just an actor, though, and has also had a career as a singer, winning an award at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2003. Much of her music is available to stream online through sites such as Spotify.

Shelby Young - Skuld

Shelby Young will voice Skuld in "God of War Ragnarok," a character that fans know very little about so far. She didn't appear in "God of War" and it is not clear exactly what role she will play in the upcoming game. Yet, Britannica gives some idea of what players can expect from Skuld by looking at Norse mythology. According to the encyclopedia, she acts as a goddess of fate alongside Urd and Verdandi and has also appeared as a Valkyrie.


Young is an experienced voice actor, having portrayed a number of characters in video games that range from "Dead Rising 3" to "Genshin Impact." She has also provided voicework for a number of "Star Wars" projects, including "Star Wars: Visions," "Star Wars Forces of Destiny," and "Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga," where she has most notably played Princess Leia. In terms of live-action work, she is probably best known for her appearances in "Days of Our Lives" and "American Horror Story."

Richard Schiff - Odin

Odin (Richard Schiff) is yet another character in "God of War" that doesn't make a physical appearance but is regularly mentioned. That's because he is arguably the most important deity in the Norse pantheon as the leader of the Aesir and the father of powerful figures such as Thor, Baldur, Hodr, and Bragi. In the game, Mimir tells Kratos and Atreus that Odin is an obsessive person who is paranoid about any potential threats to his rule — which might well put him into conflict with Kratos.


Speaking to the Jewish Telegraph, Schiff explained that he first began acting while attending the City College of New York and then went on to work as a director in theater before landing his first roles in television and movies. These included releases such as "Cheers," "Tales from the Crypt," and "The Bodyguard." He went on to play Eddie in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" and is best known for his role as Toby Ziegler in "The West Wing" — a performance that earned him an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Erica Lindbeck - Hrist

Hrist is a member of the Valkyries — the group of female warriors known for taking the dead to Valhalla when they die — and one of the few that are named in Norse mythology. According to Pantheon, she is known as Shaker and was responsible for bringing Odin his horn on command. As Hrist doesn't appear in "God of War," it is unknown exactly what she will do in the sequel and whether she will oppose Kratos and Atreus, although it seems likely considering her close association with Odin. We do know, though, that she will be voiced by Erica Lindbeck.


Although she is a voice actor who has contributed to a number of films and television series, Lindbeck is most famous for portraying Barbie. She provided the voice for the doll and its appearances in various media, taking over the role from Kelly Sheridan (via Cosmopolitan). Lindbeck told Cosmopolitan that before acting, she was a successful child horse rider but quit after her favorite mount was injured. She has voiced characters in dozens of video games, including "Spider-Man" and "World of Warcraft: Warbringers," as well as having credits in TV and movie releases such as "DC Super Hero Girls" and "ThunderCats Roar."

Usman Ally - Durlin

Like many other characters in "God of War Ragnarok," Durlin has not yet been encountered by players as they were entirely absent from the 2018 title. Set to be voiced by Usman Ally, the character has no counterpart of the same name in Norse mythology but may be based on Durinn. The second dwarf created, he is a talented smith and was the inspiration behind "The Lord of the Rings" character Durin (via World History). From the brief glimpses shown of Durlin in promotional artwork, the character appears as a short and stocky figure who carries a number of visible scrolls and a purple octopus on his shoulder.


Ally is an experienced stage performer, having appeared in a number of Broadway productions. The actor himself considers his casting in "Veep" as one of the highlights of his career, telling Awards Daily that he was a huge fan of the show and the way his character helps portray Muslims on television. He has also appeared in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Suits," and "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Laya DeLeon Hayes - Angrboda

Despite not being present in "God of War," Angrboda is occasionally mentioned in in-game materials and is the mother of both Hel and Fenrir. In Norse mythology, the figure is a Jötunn who married Loki and also gives birth to the world serpent Jörmungandr. This will likely mean she comes into contact with Atreus early on in "God of War Ragnarok." Played by Laya DeLeon Hayes, the character caused some controversy when she was revealed due to her race by some sections of the internet (via GameRant).


According to CBS, DeLeon Hayes is a prolific child actor who already established herself in the industry despite her young age. She is arguably best known for portraying the titular character in "Doc McStuffins," a role she took over from Kiara Muhammad after Disney decided to replace the previous actor (via Deadline). She has also appeared in everything from "Grey's Anatomy" to "Code Black," as well as "Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie" and "Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny."

Kate Miller - Urd

Urd, also known as Urðr, is a Norn and goddess in the same manner as Skuld. Dealing with the fate of humans, Oxford Reference states that in Norse mythology her name represented the idea of the past. Her two sisters, Verdandi and Skuld, are focused on the present and the future and are meant to be obeyed by the other gods such as Odin and the rest of the Aesir pantheon. Kate Miller will portray the character in "God of War Ragnarok."


Miller has provided voices for many different video games, including "Destiny 2," "Guild Wars 2," and "Wasteland 2." She also has a role in the upcoming "Gotham Knights" but is probably best known for her television appearances in the likes of "Ramy," "Blue Bloods," and "Hightown." The actor also portrayed Debbie DuPree on the show "Sealab 2021" and is married to another celebrated voice actor, John DiMaggio.

Daniel Kountz - Byggvir

In Norse mythology, Byggvir is a servant of the gods who works directly under Freyr with his wife Beyla serving . This puts him into close contact with Freya and Baldur as Freyr is related to both characters. Not technically classed as a god, Byggvir is a physical manifestation of agriculture. The character does not appear in "God of War" and is not mentioned in that game, although we do know that he will be voiced by Daniel Kountz.


The actor has previously played characters in two other video games: Francis Watkins in Rockstar's "L.A. Noire" and Gale Holden in "Lost Planet 3." Most of his work has appeared on television, with appearances in "3rd Rock from the Sun," "Youthful Daze," "Mad Men," and "ER." Kountz also works as a realtor for Keller Williams Realty Studio and has more than three years of experience according to

Morla Gorrondona - Beyla

Like her husband Byggvir, Beyla is a little-known character in Norse mythology who serves Freyr. She's associated with agriculture and forestry, and experts have largely relied on the entomology of her name to derive clues about her role. Pantheon suggests that her name may be related to cows, beans, or bees — all linked with the idea of farming or animal keeping. In the upcoming "God of War" game, Morla Gorrondona will portray Beyla.


According to Gorrondona's own site, the actor has been working in voice acting for more than 15 years. As a child, she would mimic characters she saw on television and soon began recording her own impressions on a cassette, developing a lifelong talent for voicework. Almost all of her credits have come in video games, with roles in high-profile releases such as "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4," "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus," "Destiny 2," "Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne," and "Death Stranding." She also played Light Hope and Hologram in "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power."

Anna Brisbin - Einherjar

Little is known about the role the Einherjar will play in "God of War Ragnarok" as they were not shown in the first game. According to legend, the Einherjar were the slain warriors who were taken to Valhalla in glory by the Valkyries. Here they would train every day for the coming of Ragnarok while feasting on the meat from Sæhrímnir and mead (via Norse Mythology). Anna Brisbin announced that she was voicing one of the Einherjar on Twitter in 2021, expressing her excitement of being part of the upcoming game.


As an actor, Brisbin has been involved in plenty of video games, television series, and films. A relative newcomer to the industry, her first roles came in 2013 in "A Snow Globe Christmas" and "Brimstone Terrace" with later appearances in "Shrek Retold," "Hyperlinked," and the video game "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Outside of her professional work, Brisbin has shown a talent for impressions and regularly posts videos online of her impersonating various well-known characters from franchises such as Disney and Harry Potter.

A.J. LoCascio - Skjolder

Although Santa Monica Studio has released little information about Skjölder and how he will come into play in the story, fans can assume a few things from Norse mythology. According to Pantheon, Skjöldr is the son of Odin who was tasked with ruling over Denmark, while his brother Yngvi was given Sweden to reign over. A.J. LoCascio will voice the character and even gave fans a clue as to how to pronounce his character's name on Twitter.


An experienced video game voice actor, LoCascio has portrayed characters in "Jurassic World Evolution," "Doom Eternal," and "Star Wars: Squadrons." He provided the voice of Marty McFly in several "Back to the Future" projects and has played Han Solo in a number of "Star Wars" releases. Outside of gaming, his most notable role came in "Voltron: Legendary Defender" where he played Lotor.

Laura Megan Stahl - Einherjar

As was the case with Anna Brisbin, Laura Megan Stahl is due to provide the voice of one of the Einherjar in "God of War Ragnarok." Considering that these legendary warriors are due to fight in the final battle of Ragnarok, it is likely they will play an important role in the upcoming title considering the apocalyptic event features in its name. This could mean they will end up fighting Kratos and Atreus or have a different part to play in the narrative. Stahl showed just how excited she was to be involved in the game in a Twitter post in 2021.


As a voice actor, Stahl has provided dubs for a number of anime. Some of her more notable credits include "The Promised Neverland," "Pokémon Evolutions," and "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun." More recently, she has provided voices for video games such as "Soul Hackers 2" and "Phantom Breaker: Omnia," two projects that were likely recorded during lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic in an experience that the actor called anxiety-inducing in an interview with CrunchyRoll.