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Xbox Quick Resume Could Be Getting This Requested Change

Xbox Quick Resume has been one of the biggest features for the Xbox Series X|S since the announcement of the consoles. While it took a while to reach its full potential –and although there were kings, like the Xbox not providing players with enough information about which games worked with Xbox Quick Resume and which didn't — it is still an impressive feature. For anyone unfamiliar, Quick Resume is a feature on Xbox Series X|S that allows players to save a state of their game to return to later. The console does this automatically and you can even disconnect the console from its power source and still return to the exact point in the game you left off, without any need to wait for the game to load.

The impressive feature does have one flaw, but it seems like Microsoft is looking into a solution for players. An issue experienced by plenty of players is that when Quick Resume is used with an online game that needs to connect to servers, like the multiplayer of "Halo Infinite," the games tend to struggle to reconnect to servers, sometimes taking longer than if Quick Resume wasn't used.

In response to someone on Twitter talking about this issue and suggesting the ability to turn off Quick Resume for online games, head of Xbox Phil Spencer responded "Good feature ask, makes sense. We will put it on the list of things to look at." While the current solution of remembering to close multiplayer games before moving on to something else isn't too big of a hassle, being able to disable Quick Resume for specific games would make the feature even more seamless.