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Every Mode Coming To Apex Legends Fight Or Fright Event

For all the drawbacks of the games-as-a-service model, there are also several benefits that come from having developers constantly updating their games. For one thing, many online titles such as "Destiny" and "Overwatch" put out seasonal content for their players. These are typically targeted around holidays and grant gamers access to themed content that is only available for a limited time. "Apex Legends" is another game that has been known to provide these events for its players. Now, fresh off the launch of Season 14, EA has revealed the Halloween-themed event Fight or Flight is returning. This allows fans of the game to explore its spookier side with four weeks of rotating special game modes and sales. Two popular cosmetics are returning: the Voidwalker Wraith bundle and the Memoir Noir Pathfinder bundle. There will also be several new Halloween-themed skins for purchase in the game store.


Fight or Flight is set to begin on Oct. 4 and will run until Nov. 1. Each of the four weeks of the event will feature a game mode that isn't typically available. Week 1 will feature Shadow Royale, week 2 will feature Gun Run, week 3 will feature Control, and then week 4 will bring Shadow Royale back a second time. Here is how each of these game modes works.

Shadow Royale

EA first premiered the Shadow Royale limited-time battle mode during the original Fight or Fright event that took place back in 2020. In this mode, fallen legends become spectral versions of themselves called Shadows when they die and are able to continue to fight for their squad. Shadows can't pick up weapons or items, but according to EA's announcement post on its website, they do have several other abilities. "Shadows can run on walls, double jump, revive allies, and deliver extra melee damage," the post states. "Other Shadows fall with one punch, and their living teammates aren't far behind. Shadows, both friends and foes, endlessly spawn until their entire squad is eliminated." That means that a team consisting of one living player and two Shadows can still win the game.


According to EA, this new version of Shadow Royale will debut on the map Olympus After Dark. A video posted on the Apex Legends YouTube channel showcases this darker variation of the map in which a blood moon illuminates the night sky, the buildings are covered in strange vines and the streets are overrun with Shadows. This mode will be active from Oct. 4-11 and then it will have a second run at the end of the festival from Oct. 25 to Nov. 1.

Gun Run

The special mode that will be available during the second week of the event is called Gun Run. This one is a much more recent addition as it was first added to the game as part of Season 14's Beast of Prey collection event, which began on Sept. 20 and will end right as Fight or Fright begins.


In Gun Run, players have to work their way through a list of 25 weapons, getting a kill with each of them. Each time the player takes down an opponent, their score will be updated and their weapon will automatically be replaced with the next one on the list until they have worked their way through all of them. These weapons are all fully kitted with varying rarities of attachments. There are four teams in Gun Run composed of three legends each. These teams had specific names during the Beast of Prey event that were fashioned after animals: Wolf Squad, Eagle Squad, Bear Squad, and Tiger Squad. EA may choose to change these names to ones that are more thematically appropriate for the Fight or Fright version of the event, however.


According to EA's post, Gun Run will be set in the maps Estates After Dark, Skulltown, and Fragment East. It will run from Oct. 11-18.


Everyone who's ever played a first-person shooter has probably come across some variation of Control before. The "Apex Legends" version of the game mode debuted in Season 12. It features two teams of nine players competing to earn points by capturing and holding the three Control Zones that are available on the map. Each zone grants the team that controls it one point for every second they manage to hold it. There are also several timed events that occur across each match that can grant bonus points or other advantages.


EA has stated that the Fight or Fright version of Control will feature several new updates to how the game is played, however. There's a new timed event where players will be expected to get an MRB (Mobile Respawn Beacon) and deploy it to make a temporary spawn point. The Bonus Capture timed event now rewards teams with double the score. Players will be able to use the Spawn Screen to Ping Zones and there will be numerous other, more technical changes in order to make the game mode generally run more smoothly.

Control will be set in the maps Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark and it will run from Oct. 18-25.