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Gundam Evolution: How To Use Stamps

"Gundam Evolution," the free-to-play 6v6 hero shooter starring the mech suits from a number of anime series, is now available on PC, with the console version coming at the end of the year. Like many free-to-play multiplayer games, "Gundam Evolution" features a variety of different cosmetic items that can be purchased with either in-game currency or paid currency. One type of cosmetic item is the Stamps, which can be hot-keyed and used in matches. Players can also customize other aspects of their Gundam units, like the voice of the pilot inside the mech.

While PC players can hop into the anime-inspired shooter now, console players will have to wait until Nov. 30 to pilot their own Gundam units. "Gundam Evolution" currently features 17 different units, with more to be added in future updates alongside new seasons. In order to use the Stamps you have purchased from the store, you will need to equip them. Here's how to use Stamps in "Gundam Evolution."

How to use Stamps in Gundam Evolution

According to TryHardGuides, Stamps can be painted onto any surface during a "Gundam Evolution" match. In order to do this, you will first need to acquire some Stamps from the in-game store. Once you have some Stamps, head to the units section on the main menu. From here, select the Stamps menu and find the Stamp you wish to equip. You will be presented with the option to add the Stamp to your Palette, which functions like a weapon wheel for Stamps, voice lines, and more. Each Palette can only have four total items, so if you want to equip multiple stamps, you will need to drop something else.

When you go to add the Stamp to the Palette, you will be presented with the option to equip it to a specific unit or to equip it to all units. After equipping the Stamps, load into a match and find yourself a flat surface. Here, hold the Palette hotkey (T on PC by default), toggle over to the Stamp you want, and release the key to spray the Stamp onto the map.