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It's Finally Time To Talk About Dead Space's Gameplay

EA and Motive have finally released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming "Dead Space" remake, showing off some of Isaac Clarke's arsenal as well as some of the space horrors he will face. The "Dead Space" remake is set to release on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on Jan. 27, 2023. While this trailer is the first time fans have gotten to see gameplay, EA and Motive haven't been shy about showing the game, posting videos of in-development work and behind-the-scenes information. Glen Schofield, the original creator of "Dead Space" has said he feels conflicted about "Dead Space" being remade without him. Schofield is currently working on "The Callisto Protocol," which looks like a spiritual successor to "Dead Space."

Fans have finally been treated to even more details about "Dead Space" via its gameplay trailer. The trailer starts by setting up the premise of "Dead Space," which is that Isaac Clarke has been tasked with entering what is believed to be an abandoned space station. Unfortunately for Clarke, the station isn't quite abandoned, but instead filled with horrifying space creatures. A spooky transition shows the crew going insane before Isaac starts finding the alien creatures aboard the ship. The trailer shows Clarke shooting off a few alien limbs before it picks up and starts quickly cycling through enemy types and weapons.

The Dead Space remake trailer has some familiar scenes

The trailer continues by showing off the extensive ways Isaac can battle enemies, with an extended scene of Clarke in low-gravity environments, showing off some of the control players will have in these situations — including using a power to throw an explosive barrel at an enemy. A quick cut shows off Clarke using a variety of weapons including a machine gun, a flamethrower, and what appears to be the Graviton Accelerator, although it appears to be smaller than it was in the original game. This section also shows crawling enemies, tall enemies, and even a massive tank chasing down Clarke in the space station.

That is followed up by an extended sequence of a massive, gross tentacle dragging Clarke through the space station. As pointed out by a fan on Reddit, this sequence in the trailer is a remake of a scene in the original game, giving fans a dose of the nostalgia they might be hoping for. Another fan pointed out that it appears that Clarke is going to talk this time around. Clarke was a silent protagonist in the original "Dead Space," but was given lines of dialogue in the two sequels. The trailer ends showing off a red glowing alien artifact and a woman who was aboard the ship named Nicole communicating with Clarke. Overall, the trailer appears to show a game worthy of being a remake of one of the greatest horror games ever made. While players don't have all the details of the gameplay in "Dead Space," the new trailer gave fans hope that it will remain faithful to the original.