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This Fan Game Finally Turns Chris Pratt Into Mario

When Nintendo announced it was working with "Despicable Me" producer Illumination Studios to create a feature-length animated Mario film, few pegged Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt for the titular role. And the rest of the cast was just as unpredictable, with Charlie Day as Luigi and Jack Black as Bowser, among other Hollywood superstars stepping into the Mushroom Kingdom. Still, despite being alongside a slew of other comedians on the project, many raised concerns about Chris Pratt's ability to play the iconic Italian plumber everyone knows and loves.

In response to the unusual casting, the internet did what it's great at, made memes. Some of the memes ridiculed the casting choices, while others expressed disappointment that longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet would not be making it to the big screen. One user, however, made the memes a bigger reality by unveiling a remake of the NES "Super Mario Bros," with Chris Pratt in the role of the Goomba stomping plumber. Additionally, the remake features some creative changes to the original "Super Mario Bros." gameplay.

Chris Pratt's Mario in three dimensions

On September 24, YouTuber Re-Imagined Games showcased gameplay of an in-development "Super Mario Bros." remake in Unreal Engine. But this version of "Super Mario Bros." looks much different than the original, with the role of Mario given to a hyper-realistic 3D model of Chris Pratt, complete with the iconic overalls. The video, narrated by what sounds like an AI-generated voice of John Bailey from ScreenJunkies, also highlighted some of the things players can do in the remake.

For example, in the remake, Mario is an action hero with the ability to move freely in a 3D environment. But that doesn't mean the game doesn't have all the classic Mario features. For example, throughout the video, the player can be seen hitting blocks, jumping on Goombas and Koopas, and collecting coins. In addition, the Flagpoles, Warp Pipes, and power-ups are also surprisingly functional.

What's most impressive about the project is it was made by someone who previously had zero experience with game development, according to the gameplay video's description. Because of this, Re-Imagined Games said it took over three months to get the project to the state of the game showcased in the video after learning Unreal Engine from scratch. The game currently features the first four worlds of "Super Mario Bros." but the creator is planning on adding more, in addition to adding Jack Black's Bowser. Still, the game is a great way to see Chris Pratt as Mario before the movie hits theatres.