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Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get Johnny Silverhand's Clothes

There are plenty of interesting characters roaming around in "Cyberpunk 2077," but few come close to the level of gravitas exuded by the rockerboy turned corpo-terrorist Johnny Silverhand. Johnny, who was played by none other than movie star Keanu Reeves, is something of a legend in Night City. He was a veteran of the Second Central American War, the lead singer of the band Samurai, and he was well known for speaking out against the corruption in the NUSA government and the Megacorporations that pulled its strings. In the game, Johnny plays a sort of digital ghost, possessing the mind of the protagonist V and trying to nudge him toward seeking revenge on the Megacorp Arasaka.

He also has a pretty iconic design, sporting a robotic arm, a ballistic vest, leather pants, and aviators. This reflects his background as the militant rockerboy, but many people playing the game may wish to co-opt the look for themselves. Well, it turns out they can. It's actually possible to collect most of Johnny's gear for V to wear in the game, though it's not as simple as going to the store and buying it. Players may have to progress through a few quests to find out where these legendary threads are hidden. Here's how to get Johnny Silverhand's clothes.

Johnny's tank top

Unfortunately, fans aren't able to get the bullet-proof vest that Johnny usually wears during the cutscenes. Maybe the developers at CDPR thought actual body armor would need to have boosted stats or maybe they simply wanted to go in a different direction artistically. In either case, players can instead get one of Johnny's tank tops. It's a simple, faded black tank with the Samurai name and a portrait of the flaming robotic samurai mask that was the symbol of Johnny's old band printed across the front. It certainly has a rock and roll look to it, but the most notable feature of this garment is the fact that it actually includes Johnny's dog tags from his time as a soldier.

It is rewarded as part of the Tapeworm job in act 2, meaning players won't be able to get it in the early parts of the game. Players need to survive Arasaka's siege on the Sunset Motel during the Search and Destroy encounter and then they will get the tank top. This is the first of Johnny's items that players will be able to get their hands on since the rest of them are quest-locked until after this point.

Replica of Johnny's Samurai jacket

While Johnny may not have ever actually worn this specific jacket himself, there is an Iconic article of clothing in the game called the Replica of Johnny's Samurai Jacket. It's a brown bomber with a high collar that glows blue on the inside and, like the tank top, it also has the Samurai name and graphic printed on it, this time across the back. This is a particularly interesting garment since it appears to be the only one in the set that Johnny didn't actually own and it isn't part of his current look while taking up space in V's head. On the other hand, the item's description states that it is a reproduction of one that Johnny used to wear back when he was with the band, so it's still considered part of the Silverhand Equipment Set.

Earning it is easy. To get the jacket, players have to start the side job Chippin' In. Rogue will simply give the jacket to V in Afterlife at the very beginning. The mission won't trigger until a little bit further into the main job quest, Tapeworm, after Players have received the tank top and agreed to help Johnny talk to Rogue and get revenge on Adam Smasher.

Johnny's pants

They might not breathe super well, but nothing says rockerboy like a nice set of leather pants. Unlike the jacket and tank top, these trousers are exactly like the dark brown, fitted leather ones that V sees Johnny wearing every time he appears in their mind. Getting them involves a little bit more deviation from the main questline, however.

To earn Johnny's pants, players need to take the Tier 2 gig Psychofan from the fixer Sebastian Ibarra, AKA Padre, who operates out of The Glen in Heywood. He will task V with stealing a guitar that used to belong to one of Johnny's old bandmates, Kerry Eurodyne, from a collector named Gaston Slayton. Padre will tell V to go to the 17th floor of the apartment building on Lobos St. and break into Slayton's apartment. Once inside, players need to go upstairs to Slayton's bedroom where they will find the guitar on a shrine and a suitcase containing Johnny's pants. Simply grab the pants, turn the guitar in for some easy eddies, and maybe don't think too hard about what Slayton was doing with them before V stole them.

Johnny's shoes

Next up on the list is Johnny's shoes. These simple black leather combat boots have walked the streets of Night City, stood on its finest stages and probably kicked down more than a few of its doors. Fortunately, it also appears that V and Johnny have the same size feet. What are the odds?

In order to get them, fans will have to take the gig Family Heirloom from Rogue to recover a bootleg recording of Johnny's old band, Samurai. This is one of only three gigs that the veteran fixer will give V. Players need to head to a parking garage on the southern portion of Charter Hill, right near the border of Santo Domingo. Here, they will find several enemies that they will have to deal with. Once they are all taken care of, players should head deeper into the garage where they will find the bootleg Samurai record, some car keys, and a bunch of Johnny's old stuff – including the boots. The keys go to Dan's red and black sports car which can be delivered along with the bootleg shard to the nearest drop point in order to finish the side gig and collect the reward. Just because you have Johnny's shoes doesn't mean you should have to walk a mile in them.

Johnny's Aviators

The last piece of Johnny's look that players can steal for themselves is his iconic aviators. It seems that even literal rose-colored glasses couldn't change his outlook on the world, but they sure look cool. These silver-framed, red-tinted shades have been popular ever since Johnny first pulled them off his face in the cinematic trailer that was released back in 2019, and they're actually one of the easier ones to get,

Players can nab these as part of the side job A Cool Metal Fire, which starts automatically as part of Chippin' In. This is a pretty easy one since the only thing the player has to do is take a pill and allow Johnny to take over V's body for a while. There will be a few choices V can make, but none that will affect them getting the glasses. Once Johnny is done fighting, getting into car crashes, and drinking his way through half the bars in Night City, he will leave V's body and ditch them with the hangover. When V finally comes to, the side-job will be over and the sunglasses will be resting safely in the player's inventory.