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Here's How You Earn PlayStation Stars Points

Recently, PlayStation has been revamping some of its staple programs. For example, earlier this year, Sony announced significant changes to PlayStation Plus that added tiers, evolving the program and making it a viable alternative to the Xbox Game Pass for some. And now, PlayStation is adding a brand-new program available to all PlayStation gamers called PlayStation Stars.


PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program in which players can rack up points to spend on unique digital collectibles that they can display in their digital PlayStation App display case. Some of the rewards showcased so far include an "Ape Escape" figurine and a miniature PlayStation 3 console.

That said, PlayStation Plus members get the added benefit of being able to trade in PlayStation Stars points for games and PSN wallet funds. So, with the PlayStation Stars program officially launching in North and South America, and with Europe's release close behind, many may wonder how to amass this new currency. Here's how to earn points in the PlayStation Stars loyalty program.

Spend money or complete campaigns

Gamers must first sign up for the program via PlayStation's website or the PlayStation mobile app using an adult PlayStation account before they're able to start amassing PlayStation Stars points. Although, Sony warns that some applicants may experience a month or two waiting period.


Currently, there are two ways to accumulate PlayStation Stars points. The first and most straightforward way is available exclusively to PlayStation Plus members. PlayStation Plus subscribers in available regions will receive PlayStation Stars points from eligible purchases on the PlayStation Store. This includes both games and addons but does not include physical items or items purchased from Direct.PlayStation.

The second way to earn points is by completing Campaigns, and this method is available to all PlayStation players regardless of PlayStation Plus status. Campaigns are monthly events that offer objectives for players to complete. These objectives can vary in scope and difficulty. For example, the Campaigns for October 2022 can be as simple as asking players to play any title or as vague as offering a riddle and leaving fans to determine which games actually award progress.


On top of the monthly campaigns, players will also have access to custom campaigns. Custom campaigns will include objectives specially tailored to each player based on the games they play. And like monthly campaigns, the custom campaigns will periodically rotate. Players can view all current campaign objectives for both campaigns at any time in the PlayStation App.