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Overwatch 2: How To Unlock Junker Queen's Achievements

Blizzard has added a lot of amazing new features in "Overwatch 2," but one of the things that has always made the franchise great is its amazing cast of characters. Each of them has their own design, personality and skill set that makes them look and feel completely unique in the heat of battle. While Blizzard has decided to keep all of the old favorites from the original "Overwatch," many fans have found the new characters that have been added in "Overwatch 2" to be the most exciting new aspect of the game. Characters like the Japanese support hero Kiriko and the Canadian damage hero Sojourn are expanding the roster now, but the first new character to join the squad was the Australian tank hero Odessa "Dez" Stone, AKA Junker Queen. This punk-rock road warrior was first seen in a cinematic trailer where she took on a trio of mech fighters in an arena-style battle single handedly, using her magnetic bracer to retract her axe and shotgun when they were pulled away from her and even use metal debris as a weapon. She now leads a faction of outlaws known as the Junkers and has joined the battle in Overwatch.


Many fans love Junker Queen largely due to the way she plays. She's unusually aggressive for a tank and is great for frontliners who like to be in the heart of the action. There are two achievements that are associated with the Queen of the Wasteland. Here's how to unlock them.

Play aggressively to unlock the Junker Queen's achievements

Neither of the Junker Queen achievements are super easy to unlock. They both require players to get accustomed enough to her moveset that they are able to execute some pretty complex maneuvers. The first is called Adrenaline Junkie. Junker Queen has the ability to inflict wound effects on her enemies. According to her character profile on Hard Drive, the different types of wounds can stack on a single character and they each do continuous damage even after she hits them. Players will need to inflict seven of these wounds on enemies and have them all simultaneously in effect in order to unlock the achievement. Players must unlock this trophy either during Quick or Competitive play.


The second achievement is called Coup De Gracie and it also needs to be unlocked in one of these two gaming modes. This one is a little bit more straightforward, but no easier to execute. It requires the player to stick the Junker Queen's Jagged blade in an enemy, then use it to pull them toward her before unleashing a Carnage attack, swinging her axe and killing the enemy she pulled toward her. It requires accuracy, timing, and a bit of luck.

Completing these tasks will not only unlock her achievements, but will also grant players access to her sprays.